Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan says Rihima you cheated

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihan says Rihima you cheated

Episode begins with Pandit asking Ridhima to groom him. She thinks Vihan didn’t come, that’s my illusion. She dresses Kabir garland. The nanny sighed. Kabir also makes Ridhima a garland. Mrs. Kabir says I told you that this marriage will take place. She thinks she should die better than accepting the name. Pandit asks him to sit down. Daddy wansh, I wish you were here, I don’t tolerate this. Pandit asks who is coming from the bride’s side for Kanyadan. Kabir asks the nurse to do it. Also Read Majha Hoshil Na 01 December 2020 Written Update: Sai stands strong with Aditya through his tough times

Riddhima puts her hand in his. The nanny thinks I’m doing my girl’s maiden. She sighs and does a kanyadan. Kabir says thanks nanny. They see Ridhima, Dadi loves Vanesha so much and entrusted you to me, you are mine. Ridhima thinks Vihan left me no choice, I need to take this step.Pandit says the groom now dresses the bride with a mangasutra. Ridhima remembers Wansh. Kabir checks the box and is shocked. He asks where it is. Pandit says that the ritual is not possible without Mars. Anupriya seeks it. Kabir scolds Riddhima. Ridhima turns and looks at Ishani smiling. She thinks Ishani’s face shows that she did it, she’s helped me.

Ishani remembers going to Kabir’s room and taking the mangasutra. He says I will see how this marriage takes place. Angre asks Ishani if ​​you did it. Ishani says the marriage was an insult to Vanish and someone had to take a step back. She shows the mangasutra. They say good work, Ishani. She smiles. Chanchal says that Manushotra is not here. Kabir passes money on to the pundit.

Pandit says its fine, if the bride wears the mangasutra by tomorrow, the wedding is considered complete, you can now stand for the rounds. Riddhima does not get up. Kabir holds her hand. He takes the rounds. Pandit asks the bride to come forward. Riddhima comes forward. She thinks about her marriage to Vansh. Mangalam… plays…She stares at the door. Pandit now says about its last round. Ridhima thinks I will not marry, there is a way to get away from this marriage which will take me closer to Vanesha. She puts something in Havan Kund. Kabir asks why this smoke is spreading, Aryan just check. He says Ridhima, even the Lord cannot prevent this marriage, this devil wins. Remember what I said, I would rather die than marry you.

She thinks I should go. Vihan enters the door. He asks what is going on, this marriage cannot be. Everyone tries to see who he is. Vihan comes forward. Smoke is reduced. Everyone is shocked to see him. Riddhima smiled. Nanny sighed in horror. Ridhima breaks Gathbandhan. She runs and hugs Vihan. Vihan hugs her too. The nurse says my wansh has come. Kabir returns to Anupriya.

Ridhima Wansh says, What is this, marriage is happening here, you have not answered my call. Everyone will see. Vihan Inspector Kabir, Wansh Rai Singhania has returned to his province, you will not welcome me. He goes to the hall. He touches the nurse’s feet.The Lord has heard my prayer, my faith has now been doubled, I have no complaints, because the nurse says you are back. Vihan says you have done so many havans, that is why you should be rewarded. Anupriya says how can this happen, he has come back from cheating to death, Kabir we are gone, now we do. Kabir says relax, we’ll talk later, I don’t think he is a wunsh, he fell 1000 feet, he is not likely to be back, he is not a wansh. Ishani says stop. Ridhima thinks that Ishani may suspect that she is not Vansh. Vihan stops her and says sorry Ishani.

You know what we did, says Ishani, the news of your death broke me. I promise, I will return you a great deal of happiness. She assures us, you will not leave us, I love you. She hugs her. He asks how the little prince or princess is, have you cared. She says a lot, now you have come, so I can be a little indifferent. Sia asks how she is. She’s home, but she’s still in a coma. He’s fine, I can handle everything now. He asks Angre, should you say sorry, are you not happy to see me? Angre says I’m very happy.I see a fake laugh in your face, like you see some ghost, ”says Vihan. Chanchal says I’m happy, there’s a little difference, you don’t have a beard. The hospital staff did it during the treatment, the look changed, but Vansh says they are the same. Riddima thinks he is treating everyone well. Anupriya you are fine, I can not believe this, I had mannat for you. She tied a string to his hand. She asks what happened after the accident. I fell in the forest, I fell on some bushes, the villager looked at me and dropped me under a tree, ”says Vihan.

The FB shows that Ridhima says that the villagers took you to treatment, tell them that you are unconscious and that nobody knows about you, you were unconscious today and decided to surprise the family. FB ends. Vihan says I thought I should come and wonder, but I didn’t know that the biggest surprise of my life was waiting for me, I couldn’t imagine that you would meet me here. Kabir at its strangest, you fell down a cliff, but there was no mark on the body.

Ridhima feels that Kabir does not come easily to his words. Vihan says many wounds have healed with time, but it is still painful. He shows the bandage in his hand. He says this too will heal, the wounds on the heart can bring pain to life. Anupriya thinks she knows my cheater. Vihan asks what my biggest enemy is doing in this house. She actually says…Anupriya got her son, Ishani says Kabir is her son. Vihan asks for the same child who was lost before marriage, I think he was abducted. Anupriya nodded. Vihan says it was strange to find her mum on a lost child big. Chanchal says it was a miracle, you were saved, the hijacker parted Kabir’s childhood clothes into your tervey, he may have realized his mistake. Anupriya says yes, they sent those things.

Vihan says Kabir came home the same day, then miracle over miracle, and everyone accepted him as true. Chanchal says Ranchima has allowed him to stay here, which is his decision. Vihan goes to Ridhima.

Precape: Vihan says Rihima you cheated on me, you knew Kabir was my biggest enemy, even then you married him. She asks what this drama is, why don’t you do what I say. Wansh says to stay away, I decided not to stay in the relationship, I need a witchcraft. She looks shocked.

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