Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Episode Update 16th November 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Episode Update 16th November 2020

Ridhima asking Kabir to leave. He says you forgot something, I sent you to Wunsh, I had a grudge with him, I admit that I was hurt when you rejected me, but I did not go down to arrest him for revenge. I had his watch, I took it for repair, Ragini died in front of me, Vanash was not around, your misunderstanding is the reason why Vansh is not with me, says Ridhima. He asks who hit Ragini, have you seen him. She says no. The footage shows Vansh trying to shoot the warrior, which she says may have been Vansh … Well, she remembers burning the card. I ask how you got that piece, I just burned it.

He probably saved somebody and sent it to me. The man was in the VR house, the police got the body of Ragini, Wanesh’s watch. What can I do with that footage, the elders issue an arrest warrant. So I came here. He tried to run, he was alive if he was in jail, I wanted to give him a fair chance, the thing went out of him, Vansh’s story forever, if you want, you can come to me, Ridhima. She is Ridhima Wansh Roy Singhania, I am Wansh’s wife, now his widow, I don’t want to see your face, you are dead to me now. She closes the gate. Mishra says he has said so much. Kabir says her heart is hurting, I too felt pain when Riddhima left me and went to Wansh. Mishra asks where Vansh’s body can go. Someone is checking on Wansh’s body. Kabir doesn’t know, we tried to find out, there is no wild animal to clear the body, I told you to cover up in front of the family, its good, Wansh’s body will not get the final rites. Someone appears to be doing the final rites, and Wansh looks at his ID cards. He burns the body. Kabir see Mishra there, soon KR sign board will be replaced by KR Mansion, I will become owner. The guy turns around and laughs. Its a wansh. Every person gets an OTP that transfers luck, they say my time has come. He walks away.

13 days later, Ridhima Wansch sees a picture of her. You said it was 13 days, it seems 13 years, it said the 13th day was the last day for mourning, but I don’t think I can end my relationship with this pain, never in this birth. She grabs her mangasutra and cries. She disconnects Kabir’s call. Anupriya says my eyes are really sore from this drama of crying. Kabir says that all the suffering is over, its just joy, it’s time we take the next step, a new chapter of our lives begins. She smiles. They say its a success. Mishra comes. Kabir asks if you have done my job. Mishra nodded. Kabir says it’s good, it’s fun now. Ridhima goes looking for her mangasutra. She sees Ishani go and follows her. Ishani tries to cut the mangasutra. Shouting that there is no Ridhima. Ishani says stop there.

Riddhima says nothing can come of it. Ishani says I want to know the truth, Wansh and Sia, I can’t believe they both faced so much that day. Aryan stops it Ridhima, we know the story is fake as your love, we know you have never loved Wansh, you doubted him. Ridhima says don’t call my love a fake, both of you have no right to judge me and Vansh. She takes her mangasutra and puts it into her hands. She’s gone. Aryan asks if you think she’s right. No, I will expel the truth from her, says Ishani. Vihan guy tries to hack something. He goes to pick up some coffee. He checks Wansh’s bank account and says he has more money, so finally its time, I need to check the entire hard disk, the fun starts now. They get family photos. He checks everyone else. They say and it’s Ridhima, the most beautiful member of the family, congratulations Vihan, its your lottery, I got money and even magic. He laughs.

Precap: The nurse asks whose clothes this is. Anupriya says its my son’s uniform, someone has stolen him. She cries. Vihan says my journey to becoming a Wansh begins. Kabir comes and asks whose clothes are these. Anupriya says leave it, it belongs to my son. Kabir Ma… Ridhima is surprised.


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