Jwala Gutta’s racist comments, Badminton player wrote emotional post

Indian badminton player Jwala Gutta is facing a tough phase these days. Jwala’s grandmother passed away recently, she tweeted with information. Many people have expressed racism in Jwala’s tweet, which the badminton player responded most ruthlessly. Jwala’s grandmother lived in China and she died there. Jwala shared a passionate post about racism against her.

“I am mourning the death of my grandmother who died in China and I am surprised that I am getting racism,” Jwala wrote in her tweet. I am being asked why I am saying Kovid without saying China is a virus. What is it for us as a society. Where is the compassion. Where are we going and are there rescuers too? Shame! ‘Before this, Jwala shared a racist comment she made against users, saying,’ This is seen by every person who tries to say racism about my TL. And if you come close to my family.

Jwala, who shared her grandmother’s death on her Twitter page this morning, wrote ‘Amma Gujjar Gaya during CNY in China. My mother would visit him at least twice a month, but she couldn’t go because of corona last year. This Kovid convinced us how important it is to live in the present. Do it whenever you can for your loved ones.