Kalkare Ravi joins Congress as a shocker – Krishna Ravi

Tumkur: The JDS has suffered a major setback as the countdown to the Shira by-election has begun, with KDSK Ravi (Ravi Kumar), the husband of JDS member Lata of the Thaverekere District Panchayat, joining the Congress party after the JDS party did not get tickets.

The joining of the Congress party by Kalkare Ravikumar, a strong ticket candidate for the JDS party in the Shira assembly constituency, is a major setback for the JDS. Kalkere Ravikumar, who has been involved in the JDS party organization in the Shira assembly constituency for many years, has flown to the Congress party. Ravikumar’s wife Lata is a JDS member of the Thaverekere District Panchayat. He is also the President of the District Panchayat.

Kalkare Ravikumar, who was also present at a meeting of JDS activists in Shira town recently, announced at the forum that he would support the party’s High Command no matter who is ticketed. The JDS leaders have also noted that they are the ticket aspirant. But, suddenly, Congressman T.B. The inclusion of the Kalkare Ravikumar Congress Party in the presence of KPCC president DK Sivakumar, led by Jayachandra, has given the JDS a lot of back ground.

Husband of District Panchayat member who jumped from JDS to BJP
Not only Ravikumar, but also the husband of the district panchayat member Girija, who belongs to the jungle community, has flown to the BJP. It has been the epidemic for JDS.

Shiral by-election in rebel wave creation in JDS
The Shira bypolls are said to have created a wave of rebellion in the JDS as the ticket issue hit. The JDS leaders are facing other parties. Some of the prominent leaders of the JDS party are moving towards the Congress party, which has created a stir among the JDS leaders. JDS leaders are already preparing to issue tickets for the late Satyanarayana’s family members. This is the reason why the JDS leaders are facing other parties. The migration of some of the prominent leaders of the JDS to the Congress party has created a stir among the JDS leaders. The JDS party is in the process of bringing in a candidate from outside if Satyanarayana’s family hesitates to contest the election.


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