Kapil Sharma shamelessly admits wearing his wife Ginni Chatrath’s maxi dress

Kapil Sharma has learned the art of extracting personal secrets from his famous guests. This weekend, the ace comedian appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show with the bizarre question of Huma Qureshi and her brother Saqib Saleem. But the tables turned on Kapil, when Huma was about to shed his personal secrets. Also Read – Viral Pictures: From Nora Fatehi to Anita Hasanandani’s Pregnancy on the Kapil Sharma Show, these 5 pictures start your day off on a good note

While interacting with Huma and Saqib, Kapil posed a question to them about how middle-class families hand over their eldest children’s clothes to minors. He asked Saqib if he ever wore Huma’s clothes, to which Saqib lowered his head and took him for a photoshoot. Also Read – Mukesh Khanna Kapil Sharma And Krishna Abhishek

Kapil then trained her gun towards Archana and said she still wears her husband’s t-shirt and Parmeet Singh also wears her clothes. Huma then interferes with Kapil and asks if he ever tried to put on his wife Ginny’s clothes. To that, Kapil shamelessly replies that he wore his maxi dress, and then everyone breaks into laughter. Also Read – WTF Wednesday: Kapil Sharma’s boycott on Kiku Shara mimicking Arnab Goswami leaves us wondering how much is ‘too much’ for the audience to make fun of?

The Kapil Sharma show has been entertaining the audience’s funny bones even during the lockdown. But, recently, Mukesh Khanna’s outrage against the show has shocked everyone. They say the show is cheap and promotes porn. Kapil and his team have not responded to Khanna’s displeasure.