Karthika Deepam 18th October 2020 Written Update: Karthik revelations shock Deepa and Hima

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The episode starts with stopping the serial Mounita and I will teach you a lesson until you stop thinking that Karthik is here and she pulls her into Soundarya. Soundary asks where the children are. Deepa says she will not come down and teach Mounita a lesson. Soundarya says if she needs help, she will help. Do not exceed the limits I will reveal the truth to Hima, says Maunita. Deepa says Hima does not believe you. Mounita says Kartik has gone outside and my Kartik believes in me.

Deepa slaps Kartik for addressing her and tells Maunita to get out of her place. Mounitha I am leaving now but I will show you what Mounita is. Deepa says I will stop seeing Kartik, otherwise I can reach you a great lesson so come out. Mounita leaves. Soundarya says Maunita is testing her patience. Deepa says leave it. Soundarya says Karthik is angry at her.

Hima thinks these people expect me and I want to know who my family is so I can leave here and if I know my parents I will leave here are these people hiding about my family? Suriya comes to her and asks what she is doing when everyone is inside. Hima says I am an outsider. Surya asks why you feel. This is your home. Hima Sats This is not my home, it is your home.

Suriya says my house is in Sriram city. Hima thinks that Surya does not know about Deepa Karthik’s wife. Suriya asks why did you say this is my house. Hima says your mother is Shravya’s sister so in this case this house is yours too. Surya asks her to come inside. Hima asks Did you ever see your father? Hima thinks that Suriya does not know that Kartik is his father and Suriya says that he understands why these people are hiding everything from them.

Mounita is disappointed with how Deepa insulted her and plans to remove Anji from Karthik’s house to teach Deepa and Saundhya.

Deepa cooks food. Hima has changed behavior and she asks about my father and she tells Suriya Deepa that she is an outsider. Deepa asks what you said. Surya says nothing. Hima thinks why Karthik was already married to Deepa and adopted her when she had a baby and she thinks about getting to know it.

Kartik wonders how to find Hima parents with anxiety. Deepa asks Karthik to come to dinner. Kartik says okay and asks Deepa for his house keys so he can get to his place. Deepa says you want me to go out but I will not leave here so come have food and leaves. Hima comes to him and asks about his parents. The lamp sees everything from the past. I am looking for your parents so don’t ever think to leave me, says Karthik. Hima says it is better to marry someone than to have your own family. Kartik is horrified and tells her that she is not married and asks why she is doing these things. Hima asks what happened to your wife. Kartik says his wife is dead. Hima and Deepa are shocked.

Soundarya sees the sun at the dining table and asks about everyone. Saurya says Mom went to call Kartik and I saw her go upstairs. Soundarya asks why Deepa went upstairs when Karthik and Hima were downstairs.

Pricap – Hima takes everyone else up and boots her the paper she has clung to the wall and asks him if he is not Vantalakka.