Keep these things in mind even after taking the corona vaccine, otherwise infection may occur

Vaccination is considered an important way to avoid coronavirus infection, but getting a vaccine alone does not work. You need to take care of many things even after taking the vaccine, otherwise you may be infected. Because a few weeks after the corona vaccine, our body becomes immune, not immediately.

This can mean that a person must be infected with corona for a few days even after vaccination. Therefore, important precautions must be followed even after vaccination. Especially in public places it is important to wear masks, wash hands, and follow social distance.

After vaccination, if you have mild fever, body aches and fatigue, there is no need to panic. Fever and body aches are common effects of vaccination. Vaccination is done for some other ailments, not just the corona, and then some people have flu-like side effects. The problem lasts for a few days and then the condition becomes normal. At the same time, experts say that vaccines used in vaccination in India are completely safe for both kovacsin and kovikshield.

Keep these things in mind before vaccination
People need to take care of certain things before they are vaccinated. If the person who is vaccinated already has any medication or has any problem, contact the doctor first and get the vaccine. Eat well before trying the vaccine and try to get enough sleep. The body should not be tired. If you suffer from cancer or sugar, it is important to control them. At the same time, those who have been infected with corona or who have given blood plasma for the past one and a half months should not be vaccinated.

Phase 2 starts March 2
The second phase of coronavirus vaccine in the country has started from March 2. In the second phase, people over the age of 60 are being vaccinated. In addition, people with some serious illness can get vaccinated for more than 45 years. The government has also issued guidelines for people suffering from the disease to get the vaccine.