Kilkari will be echoing at the home of Suyash Rai and Kishwar Merchant, know when the little guest will arrive

Cultures will be echoed in the home of TV celebrity couple Suyash Roy and Kishwar Merchant. The Kishwar merchant is pregnant and she will soon be a mother. Suyash Roy has informed the fans via social media. He shared a photo of Suyash and his wife looking.

As can be seen in the photo, Suyash is sitting on his knees, holding Kishwara’s hand in front of the sun while facing the sea. It was written on the front sands in August 2021, which means that about 5 months later, Suyesh and Kishwar will be supporting. Sharing the photo, Suyash captioned the caption: ‘I will be the father of your baby Kishwar coming this August’.

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While sharing the same photo, Kishwar wrote in a caption, ‘You can stop asking when we will be a parent’. Rohit commented on this post as ‘congratulations’. At the same time, Anita wrote ‘Oh Wow Happy’. Rohit and Anita Hasanandani have recently been known to be the parents of sons.

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Suyesh and Kishwar got married in 2016. The two first met in 2011 on the sets of Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahani. Soon after, the two began talking. Gradually the friendship of the two turned into love. Suyesh and Kishwar married each other in 2016.