Kitchen hacks: Don’t ruin your health with adulterated flour, mark it in minutes

Tips for Identifying Maid in Maida: Whether it be sweets or pizza-momos, maida is used to make all these things. All these dishes made from maida are very tasty to eat. But if the flour used to make all these dishes is adulterated, do you know that not only your taste but your health too deteriorates? In such a situation, let us know how you can spot the adulterated maida by staying home.

Follow these steps to identify adulterated dough –

Hydrochloric acid
To mark the dough mix, put a tablespoon of all-purpose flour into a test tube. Now put three to four drops of hydrochloric acid in it and leave it for a while. If the flour starts bubbling after a while, understand that the flour is mixed with chalk powder.

Lemon –
To mark the mashed maida, place one to two tablespoons of maida in a pot. Now add two to four tablespoons of water to the dough and moisten. Now add three to four tablespoons of lemon juice to this mixture and leave for a minute. If bubbles appear in the mix, it means the flour is adulterated.

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