Kitchen Hacks: Find out whether red chili powder is real or fake with these tips and tricks, no harm to health

Kitchen Hacks: The adulteration of food items can ruin the taste of the food as well as your health. The same can be done with the spices in your kitchen. If you also buy powdered spices from the market, especially red chili powder, try these easy steps to find out if the red chili powder in your kitchen is real or fake.

Identify this type of counterfeit chili powder-
Brick powder mix in red pepper

To find a mix of red chilli brick powder, first take the red chilli powder on a plate and rub it with your finger. Wash your hands well after that.

Starch mash in red chilli
Starch adulteration in red chili powder can harm your health. To figure this out, pour some drip tincture iodine or iodine solution onto the powder. If the color of the powder turns blue after adding drops, understand that your powder is adulterated with starch.

– Tincture of soap
Sometimes the soap is mixed with red pepper. To find out, stir one teaspoon of red pepper into half a cup of water and when the remainder of it settles at the bottom of the cup, rub it into your palms. If the palms feel greasy, understand that there is soap in it.

-Fake color
To make the color of the red chilli powder shine, it is sometimes mixed with a fake color. If the red chili is too dark red, mix half a teaspoon of red chili powder in half a cup of water to identify the fake color. If red chilli powder dissolves in water it is fake. Pure red pepper is insoluble in water.

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