Kitchen Hacks: Follow these easy tips to protect sugar-salt from moisture in the rainy season

Food Care Tips During the Rainy Season:Everyone loves the rainy season. But during this season, the food items in the kitchen are spoiled by moisture. Such things include sugar and salt. Sugar and salt are sticky due to the moisture in the rain. In such a situation, by trying these tips, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Do not use plastic jars
As soon as it starts to rain, remove the sugar from the plastic box and turn it into a glass jar. In addition, always use a dry spoon when removing sugar. A wet spoon will cause lumps in the sugar.

Before filling the jar with sugar or salt, you put some rice grains in it. Wrap a little rice in a box of sugar and salt. By doing this, the rice absorbs the extra moisturizer in the sugar and salt, making them completely safe and dry.

Use of Blotting Paper-
Use the blotting paper before pouring the sugar into the jar. To protect the sugar from moisture, before placing it in a jar, put blotting paper on it and then fill it with sugar. Like rice, blotting paper can also absorb extra moisturizer.. In the rainy season, not only sugar and salt, but also biscuits, cookies and chips will soften. Wrap these in blotting paper and place them in dry airtight containers to protect against moisture.

To protect the sugar from moisture during the rainy season, you can put 5 to 7 cloves in a cloth and put them in the sugar box. By doing this, there is no moisture in the sugar during the rainy season.

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