Kitchen Hacks: How To Identify Fake Asphotida, Healthy, Real And Fake Asphotida

Asafoetida adulteration test: Whether it is enhancing the taste of the food or concern for health, the tension of the asphaltida in the diet works well for both. Also, Ayurveda .Asafotida is used to make many medicines during the time of medicine. But do you know that asafoetida, which removes many ailments, is not, in fact, harmful to your health? In such a situation, tell us how to identify the best and aromatic Asphatida when buying from the market.

Follow these methods to identify real and fake Asphotida-

As soon as the true asafoetida is dissolved in water, the color of the water becomes white like milk. If that’s not the case, understand that Asafoetida is fake.
By burning Asafatida, it can be found to be true or fake. When burning a real asphaltida, its flame is bright and it burns easily. But imitation Asafaetida does not burn easily.
After the actual asphaltida is taken into the hands, even after washing the hands with soap, its odor persists for a long time. But only after washing your hands with water does the smell of fake asphaltida go away..

Asafoetida color-
If you are going to buy asphaltida from the market, remember that the color of the true asphaltida is light brown. To identify the true identity of Asphotida, you must put it in ghee. As soon as acephatida is added to the ghee, it begins to ell and its color becomes a little red. If such a change and color is not visible in Asphotida, it is fake.

Asafoetida powder or pieces-
When buying asphaltida from the market, try to buy acephatida lumps instead of powdered acephatida. You can use it by breaking comfortably at home. In fact, it is more likely to mash in powdered asafeteida. Powdered apophytida is also cheaper.

How to buy Asafoetida
Avoid buying peeled or already broken Asphotida. Asafoetida cooks quickly. In this case its taste is also spoiled. Always buy asphaltida wrapped in paper or sealed in a tin box or glass jar. Store atophytida in the same way at home.

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