Kitchen hacks: snacks are covered with moisture in the rain, these tips and tricks come in handy

Kitchen Hacks: Women complain that the snacks or snacks placed in the box during the rainy season are ruined by the ceiling. If the same problem persists in you, then follow these tips and tricks to relieve stress. By adopting these tips, you can easily avoid wasting any snack during the rainy season. Tell us what these easy cooking tips are.

Stay away from a damp place
Sometimes salt is placed in a damp place, causing fungus. In such a situation, to keep it from getting spoiled, place it where you can get salty air. In addition, instead of placing a box of snacks on the floor, place them in the kitchen or cabin of the kitchen. Snacks are often spoiled by humidity during the rainy season.

Don’t use a plastic jar-
In the rainy season, place the namkeen in a glass jar and do not place it in a plastic container. Placing the brine in a plastic container may spoil it quickly, but it is safe in a glass jar.

Protect from the sun
You have often heard that spices, legumes, rice or flour are cured by placing them in the sun. But not so with salt. Keeping it in the sun will not only make it better but also make it worse. Sunny and airy enough to spoil the brine.

These tips are also great-
After removing the brine from the jar, cover its cover tightly.
Instead of putting a mixed namkeen in one jar, place only one type of namkeen in a jam.
Do not place the salt in a glass jar, plastic. Because of this, salt is safe for a long time during the rainy season.

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