Kitchen Tips: Keep these things in mind when buying chicken, not only the taste but also the health

Best way to buy chicken: If you like non-vegan food but can’t figure out whether it’s fresh or not when buying chicken, these tips can help you. Whether it’s chicken biryani or chicken curry, if you don’t use it when making fresh chicken, with its taste, you risk ruining your health. In such a situation, we tell you what to keep in mind when buying chicken from the market, keeping track of both your taste and health.

How to identify fresh chicken
Check by smell –

When buying chicken, pay attention to its smell. If the chicken is cut and kept half an hour before it does not smell ugly.

Avoid taking chicken in the fridge –
Buying and eating chicken kept in the fridge can keep you from having many ailments. The chicken kept in the fridge is four days old.

Light pink cock
Fresh chicken always looks pink. If the inside of the chicken does not appear pink, you can understand that the chicken is not fresh. Moreover, blood is always found in fresh chicken. But, chicken that is not fresh does not see blood.

Packed chicken-
When buying packaged chicken, definitely check the expiration date written on it. After this, open the packet and check its smell. This is because many times shoppers delete an expiration date and rewrite the new expiration date and people consider it to be correct.

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