Krishnakoli: Here’s what all could happen if Nikhil and Shyama manage to reunite after 18 long years

Krishnakoli: Here’s what all could happen if Nikhil and Shyama manage to reunite after 18 long years

Krishnakoli, Those stars Neil Bhattacharya as Nikhil And Tisha Roy as Shima, Has seen how the couple separated after an accident in their lives. The show took an 18-year leap, after which we saw Shyama lose all her memory, with Nikhil looking for her infinitely. While Krishna and Shyama are staying at Chaudhary’s residence at this time, Nikhil and Shyama have not met yet. But we wonder what will happen if they meet or reunite!

Nikhil is excited!

If Nikhil realizes that Krishna’s mother is his own wife, Shyama, we think he will still be shocked. Now they are looking for the hope that Shyama is alive. If he finds out that she is really alive, he is free from all the pain and agony of losing her and his own child Krishna 18 years ago.

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Shyama may struggle to cope

If Shyama is concerned about her mental health and her state of lost memory, we think she will find it difficult to cope. Being a person who has no memory of her past, Shyama is already struggling to meet or face new people. If Nikhil tries to recall his past, Shyama may not be able to handle it well.

Sunaina can turn bad

On the other hand, Sunaina may be furious about Shyama’s return to Nikhil’s life. She has shown clear intentions of finally winning Nikhil and is very jealous of her if she comes back to Chaudhry’s house. After that, she can even use evil tricks to get Shyama out of her way.

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Munni’s jealousy sure

Already Nikhil’s attention to Krishna is jealous of Munni. She hates it when family members reminisce about her shyama. So when Shyama and Nikhil reunited, Munni became jealous of the destruction and limitations.

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Krishna is more than happy

Krishna has been searching for answers to the whereabouts of his father for years. She tries to make Shyama recall her memories but in vain. So if her parents are reunited, it will not be as exciting as Krishna completing her family. She was finally getting the father’s missing love in her life.

Happy for the Chaudhary family

Since Shyama passed away after the Durga Puja 18 years ago, things have changed for the worse in the Chaudhary house. He lost a beloved son, and his son lost himself in the grief of his witch-bred wife. When Nikhil and Shyama finally find their way back to each other, most members of the Chaudhary family will rejoice at their reunion.

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