Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2020 Written Update: Family gets worried seeing Rhea state

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The episode begins with Tai and Mitali stares at Ria and tries to talk to her but Ria leaves without answering. He tells Alia this. Alia looks at Rhea Phoe and notices that she missed the Pragya calls and asks Riya what happened to her but Ria does the door. Alia asks her to open the door. Ria shouted as she left. Tai takes Alia with her. Mitali thinks to inform Abhi.

Reaching Abhi’s house, everyone calls him good news and tells Mitali to bring sweets but everyone is silent. Abhi asks what happened.

Vikram tells Pallavi and Beeji that Ranbir is back home and asks not to reveal his surprise. Ranbir happily asks why he usually sits there without greeting him. Pallavi tells him to leave it and do things. Ranbir agrees that Shagun plans to work but the family members give him normal chores. Ranbir says I am not a worker and talk to me about marriage and other arrangements.

Vikram says on the phone that I am talking about my marriage and the side effects. Ranbir says that he has heard correctly that this is his marriage and he declares that he is ready for marriage Beeji and Pallavi, Vikram says you are still young for marriage so wait 3 or 4 years. Ranbir gets tense. Vikram leaves with Pallavi. Beeji is about to reveal something but after Ranbir calls she leaves.

Since the morning proposal is incomplete, Aryan asks Ranbir to answer the question correctly. Ranbir agrees to talk to Prachi. Aryan asks him to tell them after the answer from Prachi. Ranbir agrees and plans to take Shahana’s help.