Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Written Update – Ranbir proposes Prachi again and confuses him!

Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Written Update:

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw how Mr. Abhi talks to Vikram about Riya and Ranbir’s wedding and Abhi accepts it. Abhi then calls Riya to tell Riya about the wedding and Vikram Ranbir. Ranbir becomes very happy on hearing about the wedding. Pragya comes down with sadness and thinks about Riya. People save Riya by committing suicide. Ranbir tells Pragya that my housemates have accepted Prachi and my relationship. Pragya and her whole family become very happy.

Kumkum Bhagya 20 October 2020 Full Episode:

In the show Kumkum Bhagya, at the beginning of this episode, when Riya comes home depressed, Riya and her mother-in-law see that Riya is very depressed. When Bitali and her mother-in-law give voice to Riya, Riya gives them no reply and Riya goes to her room. Then Bitali and her mother-in-law are seen coming to Aaliya and they tell Aaliya that Riya is very sad. When Aaliya asks where is Riya?

Then Bitali tells Aaliya that Riya has gone to her room. When Betali, Alia and Bitali’s mother-in-law go after Riya. Then Aaliya gets Riya’s mobile and Aaliya sees Pragya’s misscalls on Riya’s mobile. Riya then closes the door of her room from inside and Alia asks Riya to open the door but Riya does not open the door and Riya inside tells her to leave me alone. Aaliya then goes on to tell Mr. Mehra.

Mr. Mehra comes to his house to deliver the good news to everyone but Abhi does not get any. Then after some time, Alia and Bitu’s mother-in-law arrive. Seeing them, Abhi said that I will give you all a happy news. That’s why you sweeten my mouth. Hearing this, one does not see happiness on one’s face. Abhi then said what happened? Then Bitali named Riya, then Abhi said what happened to Riya? Aaliya then tells but is unable to tell.

Here Vikram, Pallavi and his grandmother wait for Ranbir to come. Then Ranbir comes and asks his dead Vikram, his mother and grandmother about his marriage, but they bother Ranbir and do not tell him anything. Then Ranbir understands that he is pulling my leg. Ranbir insists on asking the marriage thing once again but they do not tell him anything. Then Vikram and his wife Pallavi go to their room.

When Ranbir asks his grandmother what my dead were about to tell me? Then Ranbir’s grandmother also tells him nothing. Then Ranbir and his grandmother talk about Prachi, when Aryan’s phone comes on Ranbir’s mobile and Grandma leaves. Then Aryan asked Ranbir that Prachi told you that I love you. Ranbir refuses. Then Aryan said that you go and ask Prachi whether you love me or not.

After talking so much, Ranbir cuts the phone. Then Ranbir calls Shahana.

Here, Shahana and Sarita aunty bother Prachi with Ranbir’s name. Then Sarita Aunty and Pragya Bazaar go to buy some goods. Then Shahana gets Ranbir’s call. Shahana then takes Prachi to a hotel room. Prachi asks Shahana where have you brought me? But Shahana tells Prachi nothing. Then a waiter comes there and he told Shahana that if you need anything, you must tell me.

The waiter goes and closes the door of the room. Prachi then sounds that someone should take me out but Shahana tells Prachi to be calm. Then Shahana also leaves Prachi alone in that room. Prachi makes a sound to leave the room. Then Ranbir comes to Prachi playing guitar. On seeing Ranbir, Prachi understands that Ranbir has called me here after saying to Shahana.

Then Ranbir adopts different methods to propose Prachi but he does not understand how to propose Prachi so that he will be very happy and accept my love. Prachi is very happy to see Ranbir’s drama. Then Ranbir asked Prachi that will you marry me? Will you be with me all my life? Prachi is very happy to see all this. But Ranbir does not give Prachi such a chance that he can speak anything.

Here Riya talks to herself. She says that you are my life Ranbir and Prachi has taken away my life from me. When Ranbir could not be mine, what would I do by living? After saying this, Riya thinks of killing herself with a matchstick in her hand.