Kumkum bhagya 23 Nov 2020 Written Update : Abhi is upset

Kumkum bhagya 23 Nov 2020 Written Update : Abhi is upset

At the beginning of the episode, Rogue tries to kill Pragya, thinking that Ria has some magic with Pragya. Prachi and Rhea think to call each other. Her phone is busy even though Ria calls Prashi. Pragya and Abhi now feel that they have a life together. Abhi is very happy to be moving closer to Pragya. Pragya tells him to stay away. Because the baby is here too. Abhi says that the children have happened because of them and they also need to know how much they love each other. Abhi says their love is unique, which is why they meet again. Pragya agrees. They are both happy.

Pallavi goes to Ranbir’s room. He is not in the room. Pallavi is worried. Vikram comes and says that only Ranbir is important to her. Pallavi says yes. She says she will do anything for Ranbir. Because Ranbir’s happiness is only important to her. She calls herself Ranbir.

Prachi calls Rea. She doesn’t take her phone. She is upset by the sound of fireworks and feels as if she is in unconscious trouble. Prachi hopes that Riya will never change. She doesn’t like her so she’s not taking her phone.

On the other side there is noise in Mehra Haveli. Everyone wonders what’s going on. Riya worries about Pragya but Pragya tells her that she is fine. Aaliya says the police have arrived. The police come to Mehra House and ask about Riya. Pragya asks why they are asking Riya. Abhi also asks the same question.

Police say they wanted to arrest Rhea in a murder crime. He says that Pragya has filed a case against Riya. Everyone is shocked. Ria let out conscious hands. Aaliya curses Pragya. Pragya says she has never done anything like this. Abhi is upset. She was crying when police arrested Riya.