Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Anitha instagram status about friendship with Aari and Rio goes viral

Anita Sampath was kicked out of the Bigg Boss 4 show two weeks ago . Although he was very close with Ari when he was inside the Big Boss house he had a very bad fight with Ari the week he was eliminated. Anitha yelled at him saying that Aaari had mentioned her husband’s name.

Anitha is currently posting various comments on Instagram after leaving the show. Anitha is currently talking very passionately after releasing a message sent by a fan about her friendship with Aari.

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“I’m still in shock. Positive messages like this make me melt. Thank you.

Yes Aari and Sanam will always be my good friends for life. I never went behind Aari and spoke critically. I will tell Nera straight to Munchi about the angry fight. All the best to him.

Big Boss is just a game. We make mistakes in such a stressful situation. We become more emotional and show our anger.

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I also made a mistake .. The fight we put up is shown too much. Many things are not shown as much as love, peace, forgiveness, fun. But the three of us knew what it was friendly to us. ”

Thus has said Anita.

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