Kundali Bhagya Oct 18, 2020 Written Update Watch Full Episode

Kundali Fortune Written Update October 16, 2020
The serial begins with Christie getting into the car and trying to start the vehicle. She later realized there was no petrol in the car. Preeta tells her to find another car until she is slowed down by throwing stones at herself and the junkie goons. Meanwhile, Preeta talks to Kareena at Sanjana’s house and tells her that Lutra will not return home. Therefore, they should instead treat Mahira as their niece because they belong to a good family and love Karan. Though Mahira saved Lutra’s family honor today, Kareena reminded Sanjana that she had senked her unexpected behavior when she started dancing in front of guests. Kareena says I was the one who picked her up for Karan, but didn’t expect Mahira to act obscenely in front of others.

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Returning to the scene with Preeta and Junkie, the two try to throw stones at the goons until Christie returns with the car. Preeta throws stones at Prithvi, which angers Pavana and shows him a gun towards Preetha. He blackmails her if he doesn’t marry her brother Prithvi. Christie calls with Preeta and Junkie to come with the car and escape from the place. This makes Pava angry and he shoots Preeta, however, the junkie takes Preeta. He escaped in the car anyway.

They arrive home after being treated for a junkie injury and Lutra goes home and then decides to reveal Prithvi to everyone. Meanwhile, Sherlyn invites a police inspector. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she must act like Preity, otherwise the family will have a big problem. She makes Mahira wear a veil and announces to everyone that there will be a show by Karan and his wife. Meanwhile, Christie and the rest enter Luthra’s house. The serial ends.

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