Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 19 October 2020: Srishti introduces Rani and Navya

In the previous issue Kundali Bhagya, Preeta escapes from the trap of Prithvi. Sarla tells Preeta that Mahira She told everyone that she ran away with Prithvi. Sarla asks Preitya to teach Mahira a lesson in what she has done. Love plans to work with Shresthi and Sameer to punish Maheera for her mistakes. Srithi and Sameer take Mahira to the guest room by cheating where love is waiting for them. Mahira’s on preeta spills drink Saree to punish her.

Shristi is here to introduce two new characters that will entertain the audience from October 20th. She lauded the queen’s determination as the little girl decides to follow her dreams and does not sit because of social discrimination. Shristi talks about the new show Apna Time Bhi Ayega. Preeta’s sister also spoke ‘Agra ki bahu’ Navya is getting the biggest news of her life from her aunt. Shramati is referring to another upcoming event, Hamariwali Good News. Don’t forget to meet Rani and Navya at the Aparna Time Bhi Aayegha on October 20 at 7 pm and Hamariwali Good News Show at 7:30 pm Stay tuned for more updates.

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