Kundali Bhagya Written Update 23 October 2020: Preeta refuses to break her fast

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 23 October 2020: Preeta refuses to break her fast

The episode of Kundali Bhagya begins by asking Sherlyn Mahira where she went. Mahira says she went for entertainment. Mahira comes in and sits beside Sherlyn. Karan and Rishabh enter. Dadi says I will call Rakhi because she likes to hear Katha.

Preeta enters with Thalia. She is dizzy and falling.
Everyone rushes towards Preeta.

Karan takes Preeta and takes her to his room. Rishabh calls the doctor.
Sherlyn and Mahira go to another room and think Ramona’s plan is working. Sheryl says Mahira now gets what she wants because Mahira made sure to break Preeta’s fast. And the wife who breaks the fast has no right to live with Karan.

Meanwhile, doctors are testing love. Doctors ask if Preeta has vomited. Karan scolds her for not giving him information about vomiting. Preeta apologizes to Karan. According to the symptoms, doctors say she thinks Prieta had been poisoned. Preeta tells her that she has not eaten or drank anything, then how can she ingest poison. Doctors advise Preeta to eat something. Preeta tells her that she is not eating anything because she is fasting. Karan angrily leaves the room.

Since Preeta entered her family, Kareena has felt that her family has a lot of problems. Mahira and Sherlyn ask why Kareena is worried. Kareena explains to her that Priana has consumed poison, now the doctors ask her to eat so the poison does not affect her, but Preeta does not listen to anyone. Mahira says she tried to persuade Preeta to eat.

Karan comes to Preeta and sits beside her. He holds Preetha’s hand.
Preeta wakes up and looks at Karan. Mahira entered and was jealous to see them holding hands.

Mahira says Preeta got food. According to the doctor, she says she must eat something so that the poison does not affect her. Preeta says she will not break her fast at any cost.

Precape: Kareena notices that the cat that Sarla bought for Sarla has died.