Latest price of petrol: Solution Saturday, No change in oil prices today

Latest price of petrol 5 June: There were no changes in petrol and diesel prices on Saturday and they remain at a historic record. According to Indian Oil Corporation, the price of petrol in the nation’s capital Delhi is unchanged at Rs 94.76. And diesel costs Rs 85.66 per liter. From May 4 to date, petrol and diesel prices have been increased for 18 days, with no change in the price for the remaining 15 days. Petrol in Delhi was Rs 4.36 per liter and diesel Rs 4.93 per liter. Other cities have seen no change in prices. Petrol is on sale in Mumbai for Rs 100.98 per liter and diesel at Rs 92.99 per liter. Petrol in Kolkata costs Rs 94.76 per liter while diesel costs Rs 88.51 per liter. One liter of petrol was found in Chennai for Rs 96.23 and a liter of diesel at Rs 90.38.

Name of the city Petrol Rs / liter

Diesel Rs

Sri Ganga Nagar 105.80 98.63
Anupura 105.46 96.58
Reva 105.10 96.24
Absolutely 103.34 93.83
Indore 102.96 94.28
Bhopal 102.89 94.19
Jaipur 101.30 94.50
Mumbai 100.98 92.99
Pune 100.60 91.19
Bangalore 97.92 90.81
Patna 96.90 90.94
Chennai 96.23 90.38
Kolkata 94.71 88.51
Delhi 94.76 85.66
Lucknow 92.04 86.05
Ranchi 92.04 86.05
Chandigarh .. 91.14 85.32

Source: IOC

Petrol and diesel rates will thus be increased

Once excise duty, dealer commission and other items are added to the price of petrol and diesel, its price will double. If the central government excise tariffs and the state governments’ VAT is removed, the diesel and petrol rates could be around Rs 27 per liter, but whether it is the central or state government, both taxes cannot be eliminated at any cost. Because the bulk of the revenue comes from here. This money will lead to development.

Prices are set every morning

In fact, petrol and diesel prices fluctuate daily based on crude prices in the international market in addition to foreign exchange rates. Oil market companies set petrol and diesel prices every day after checking prices. Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum revise petrol and diesel rates at 6am every morning.

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