Learn about SBI FD or Special Term Deposit Plans, where to invest and get the best return

Recently, State Bank of India has launched a special deposit scheme for its retail customers. Through Platinum Term Deposit, customers will be able to avail special benefits for 75 days, 75 weeks and 75 months. This offer is only valid until September 14th. If you are planning to invest, tell us which investment in SBI FD and Special Term Deposit is most profitable.

SBI Platinum Deposit

Time limit – 75 days, 525 days and 2250 days

When can I invest

15 August 2021 to 14 September 2021

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Interest rate

  • State Bank of India is offering 3.90% interest on 75-day term deposits. It is proposed to pay 3.95% interest on the platinum deposit.
  • Currently 5.35% interest is available for a period of 535 days. But Platinum gets 5.10% interest. At the same time, it is proposed to pay 5.55% interest on 2250-day term deposits instead of 5.40%.

Fixed interest rate for senior citizens

  • Currently, it intends to pay 4.45% interest on 75-day investments instead of 4.40% interest, 5.60% interest instead of 5.50% for 525 days and 6.20% for 2250 days.

SBI Fixed Deposit Scheme

State Bank of India has launched a special FD scheme called ‘V Care’ for senior citizens. Under this plan, senior citizens will get an additional benefit of 30 bps on investments of 5 years and above. At present, senior citizens are receiving 6.20% interest on FD on behalf of the bank.

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What is the rate of interest for the general public (on FDs below 2 crores)

  • 7 to 179 days – 3.9%
  • 180 days to less than 1 year – 4.4%
  • 1 year or more but less than 2 years – 5%
  • 2 years or more but less than three years – 5.1%
  • 3 years or more but less than 5 years – 5.3%
  • 5 years to 10 years – 5.4%

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