Learn the whole way, change the number on WhatsApp without losing old data

Do you know how to change your WhatsApp number to manage your chat data? To change the phone number, the WhatsApp Change Number feature is provided in the instant messaging app WhatsApp. With this, you can move from the old phone number of your WhatsApp account to the new phone number. What’s special is that all your WhatsApp contacts are automatically notified of this change. Let us understand how to change the number step by step.

Keep this in mind
Before changing WhatsApp’s phone number, you’ll need to add a new SIM card to your smartphone so that you can make an SMS or phone call. Keep in mind that your old phone number has not yet been removed from WhatsApp. You can check your registered mobile number in WhatsApp’s settings. The number appears below the name on your profile.

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How to change the number on WhatsApp
1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
2. If you are an iPhone user, go to Settings. The Settings menu for Android users comes in WhatsApp by tapping the three-dotted menu.
3. Now tap on the Account option and then click Change number.
4. You will now see a screen in which you will be asked whether you can receive an SMS or a phone call to your new number. Press the Next button to confirm.
5. Now enter your old and new phone numbers.

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6. Tap Next to go to the final step to change your WhatsApp number.
7. WhatsApp now asks you if you want to inform your contacts about your new number. Here you will find options for all three contacts, all the contacts I chatted with and the custom numbers.
8. Now, tap Done.
9. Now you need to register new phone number on WhatsApp. The 6 digit code will be sent to you via SMS or phone call to register for the new number.
10. Once registered, your WhatsApp chat will be available on the new phone number.