Learn what is 5 type malaria fever, what are the symptoms and preventive measures

Types of malaria fever: As the rainy season begins, mosquito-borne diseases begin to haunt people. This is the time when people suffer from mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. People usually only know about malaria. But did you know that there are not 5 types of malaria. Tell us what is malaria, its symptoms and preventive measures.

What is malaria
Malaria fever is a type of infectious disease caused by mosquitoes. It is caused by the bite of the female anaphilis mosquito. This female mosquito has a special type of bacterium called the plasmodium in the medical language.

Not 5 types of malaria
There are 5 species of bacteria in this female Anopheles mosquito that spreads malaria. As soon as the mosquito bites, a bacterium called Plasmodium enters the body. It reaches the patient’s body and multiplies many times, making the patient sick to the liver and blood cells.

Symptoms of malaria
– Fever, sweating
– Pain in the body
– Come on

Types of malaria
Plasmodium falciparum (P. falciparum) –

A person who suffers from this disease becomes completely unconscious. With persistent vomiting, a person may die of this fever.

Sodium vivax (P. vivax) –
The vivax parasite often bites during the day. Most people suffer from this type of malaria fever. This mosquito produces benign tertiary malaria, which begins to show its effect 48 hours after every third day.

Plasmodium ovale malaria (P. ovale) –
This form of malaria produces benign tertiary malaria.

Plasmodium malaria (P. malaria) –
Plasmodium malaria is a type of protozoan that is responsible for benign malaria. In this disease, quartan malaria occurs, in which the patient gets fever every fourth day. In addition, protein begins to flow out of the patient’s urine and is caused by a lack of protein in the body.

Plasmodium Knowlesi (P. Knowlesi) –
Malaria is a primate found in Southeast Asia. Symptoms such as headache and loss of appetite begin to appear in a patient suffering from malaria.

Prevention of malaria
To avoid this disease, do not allow the soil and water to accumulate around the house. Before the rains begin, clean the drains near the house and fill the roadside pits to avoid mosquitoes from standing water. Spray pesticides around the house from time to time. Wear clothing that covers the body completely to avoid mosquitoes.

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