Learn what the reality is, whether the corona vaccine affects women’s menstruation

In India, people over the age of 18 are beginning to get the corona vaccine. In such a situation, many claims regarding this vaccine and women’s periods are being made on social media. It is being said that women’s immunity during menstruation is very weak, so they should avoid getting the corona vaccine during this period. In addition, the coronavirus vaccine is also said that the person’s immunity will be weakened for some time after receiving the vaccine. If you have some questions in your mind regarding the corona vaccine or your periods and fertility, let us know the right answers from the experts.

Is it safe to take the vaccine during periods?
According to Dr. Shaily Singh, Senior Consultant, Gynecologist at Rosewalk Hospital, women can get the vaccine at any time during their period. It’s totally safe. It has no side effects.

Does the corona vaccine affect women’s menstruation?
Physician style says the corona vaccine has no effect on women’s struc- ture. Delayed or painful periods may also be caused by increased pressure during the corona.

Some people complain of delayed periods or painful periods after the vaccine. What is the reason for this?
Doctor Style says work pressure on women has increased significantly during Corona. This is why they have started to complain more about Tavan. It can also lead to their delays or painful periods.

Can the COVID-19 periodic cycle be changed?
This problem is seen in some women. In fact, during recovery from the corona, some medications are given to the patient to thin the blood. This may be due to changes in the rotational cycle, such as heavy flow and pain.

There was no association between abnormal periods and covid vaccines
Dr. Yale of the Yale School of Medicine. Randy Hutter Epstein and Alice Lu-Culligan said, ‘So far there is no data establishing a link between the corona vaccine and menstrual changes.’

The PIB issued a statement saying, “Messages that girls and women should not take the vaccine five days before and five days after their term are fake. Don’t believe this rumor.”

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