Let’s take home bricks – Dikeshi’s mother Garam for CBI attack

– Love my son to the Condre officers

Ramanagara City: KPCC President DK Sivakumar’s mother Gauramma said that they would inspect the house in the large Alahalli village and also take away the bricks.

Speaking to reporters at the Kodihalli residence about the CBI raid on his son’s house, he said, “My son’s love for the government and the authorities. That is why he repeatedly expressed his displeasure to the CBI officials that our son’s target was amended. ALSO READ: Big shock shocked CBI on DKC’s first fire test

Inspect the house of the great Alahalli village and take the bricks there. They have no work to do. Our stomachs just burn. Let us take you to our son’s house. I would go and sit down and have a proper meal on time.

Five CBI officials attacked DK Sivakumar’s residence in Sadashivanagar today. CBI officials raided the home of the state government at 8 am this morning and inspected the house. Officials are also scrutinizing many places belonging to DKC. ALSO READ: 50 lakh money siege at Dikeshi’s house?

On September 3 last year, Dikeshi was jailed for his alleged involvement in the illegal money laundering case. After spending a year now, CBI officials again attacked and lodged an FIR. The house of DK Sivakumar’s brother DK Suresh has also been raided by CBI officials and is being searched at his house.


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