tourists footfall increase to 54 thousand in four days to uttarakhand during unlock after lockdown due to covid 19 surge amid corona virus pandemic tourist spots uttarakhand pol

When tourists from other states were allowed to visit the vacant places of Uttarakhand vacant since March, they too took it in their hands. More than 50 thousand people arrived in Uttarakhand in four days after getting discounts on the entry of tourists in the state’s border areas. Whereas, in the last 15 days of the last month, the average number of people visiting everyday was less than two and a half thousand.

Uttarakhand’s tourist spots had been deserted since the lockdown on 21 March. Before October began, the tourists were given other exemptions, along with the elimination of the corona test to come to Uttarakhand earlier. Meanwhile, on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti was a holiday, three being Saturday and four being Sunday, tourists heavily discounted it.

Since the beginning of the Coronas, the imprisoned tourists left no stone unturned to enjoy the tourist spots of Uttarakhand. That is, between 30 September to 3 October, 54,075 people in Uttarakhand registered on the smart city portal. There were a total of 15,310 registrations for this. That is, seven people came in two vehicles on an average. The highest number of 30071 people came on October 2 alone.

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Tourists reach Uttarakhand
Date registration people

30 September 1403 4915
One October 3589 12665
Two october 8447 30071
October 3, 1871 6424
Total 15,310 54,075

The number of people coming to Uttarakhand has increased rapidly as soon as the tourists get a discount. Nearly 50 thousand people arrived by registering on the weekend.
Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, CEO Smart City, Dehradun


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