Live: Sterlite Verdict Release: Do not open the plant … Prohibition extension

The foundation stone was laid during the AIADMK rule in Tamil Nadu in 1994 and the Thoothukudi Vedanta Sterlite copper smelter was commissioned in 1996 during the DMK rule.

The plant was shut down as a result of heavy fighting in 2018, despite ongoing ecological disorders by the company. But Tamil Nadu lost 13 innocent lives. The Chennai High Court is set to rule today on a case seeking permission to reopen the plant.

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* Petition seeking reopening of the plant was dismissed.

* The current ban on opening the temple will continue

Sterlite Arguments:

* The plant was closed to appease the people. Otherwise, there is a Chinese company plot behind the closure of the plant. It was China that funded and provoked the struggle

* No one has yet died due to pollution at the Sterlite plant. The closure of the plant is purely for political reasons.

* There is no evidence of contamination by the plant. Our company has duly followed the guidelines laid down by the State Government.

* Why did the Pollution Control Board change its position after the closure of the plant, stating that there was no defect before the closure of the plant?

* The state government does not have the power to close the plant.

* It is also not true that air pollution and water pollution have been reported to have decreased after the closure of the plant


* When the judges came to the session, they issued the verdict as planned.

* Judges begin reading 815-page judgment statement

* Petition seeking reopening of the plant was dismissed.

* It was announced that the current ban on opening the temple will continue.

* The Chennai High Court has announced that the full verdict will be released this afternoon.

In this case, Vedanta has decided to appeal against this.

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