Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv meets Shashi

Lockdown Ki Love Story 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv meets Shashi. Inspector Ankita asking a yes or no answer. Sonam asks him to know the whole thing. Inspector says I should listen to her and do my job, stay away from it. He questions Ankita and asks the constable to look for answers. Listen to her and Sonam says what happened there. The inspector asks if you are there. Sonam says no.

Then they say calm down. Pro-Polar lawyers were not guilty of Shashi’s running away, conspiring to become Milky’s side and burning himself to trap him. Milky’s lawyers say you are making stories, I want to ask Nutan something. He asks Nutan if you have any objection to Milky becoming your side. He shows her pictures and says that Nutan worshiped with Milky, she was her fave bahu. Dhruva’s lawyer says yes, why she is burning her bahu. Milky’s lawyer says dowry. Dhruv is worried.

Inspector asks if Dheeraj shot Shobha. Ankita shouts that there is no. He asks if Dheeraj has a gun in his hand or not. She cries and says yes. They say sign your statement now. Ankita signs. Inspector jokes over Shashi’s family. He walks away. Sonam hugs Ankita and says everything is fine.

The judge asks the police department to investigate the case, while Nutan and Shashi remain in remand for 15 days. The court adjourned. Milky smiles at the picture of Polar on the phone. Raghav comes and gets flowers for her. Nootan and Shashi did not get bail, they say you should be happy. She says I’m not so bad to send her to jail, this is happening because of Sonam.

I like your philosophy, I help you, I need a sonam, we have a contract, you keep the pole, give me a sonam. She smiles. She goes, Sonam is yours. They laugh. Sonam and everyone wait for the pole. Polar comes home.

Sonam asks Nutan and Shashi. Dhruv sits weeping and says everything. Everyone will cry. Sonam says a few shlokes and the truth is God in the world, nothing more than truth, this is not a time to be weakened, but to fight for the truth.

They say I only fought for my truth, we are with you today, you must fight for the truth. Subhadra Yes, I thought I was missing Sonam but you got her back, don’t let your confidence break. Sneha says we will find some ways to bring the family back. She hugs the pole and cries. Shobha arrives there with the family. Dhruva asks them to go out. Raghav says you lost patience after Dheeraj went to jail. I did not come. I was brought here. Father came.

He wanted to meet all of you. He asks why Shobha came to him. Shobha 25 years ago, Shashi sent me to jail, he did not know what happens to women and children after the head of the family went to jail. Shobha says I should take Raghav here to show you your helpless faces and sad eyes.

Raghav smiled. Shobha asks Ankita how she feels without Dhiraj. They go to your maica and then come, Dheeraj says he has been away for 7 years now. Shobha says Sonam ji, wow, you ruined this house. Sonam scolds them. Shobha laughed and joked at her. Dhruv angrily grabs his collar.

Precape: Dhruv meets Shashi. Shashi says give Sonam any price to marry him. Dhiraj says, Dhruv, give Milky money and take her to you, she will not love you. Milky asks Sonam to decide soon. Dhruva says we have made a decision.

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