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He embraces the golden naira. So happy to see Kartik’s bond

Karthik (in his mind): Thank you Krishnaji

Manish: Karthik… we need hope

Kartik: Hon Papa..What do you mean

Manish: Actually Naira Ur Tum, Tum Dono Ko Hi promise Karna Hoga

Naira: Tell us what it is, and we’ll make sure of it

Manish: You are still in the early years of your degree, your love should only get better in your career. You can’t marry until you…

Karthik: Papa You have embraced our love without a single question. We understand your concerns about our careers and lives. Our marriage will not happen until we graduate and create an identity for ourselves

Naira: Uncle… We promise not to be distracted by love. On the contrary we make our love a force in our lives

Manish: Not anymore uncle. Call me Papa

Naira: Okay Papa

Manish: Nitik G I have said something wrong

Nitik: Nahi g. Cue?

Manish: I want to know because you are silent

Naitik: I was just like you said everything I want to say

Nanny: Lord has given us so much joy. Thanks to them and let the wedding preparations begin

Akshara: Bilkul ex

Kartik: Nanny I think we should take your leave. It’s late to college

Nanny: Well sure

Naksh: Naira I’ll leave you

Karthik’s face turns to grief.

Nax: Aare Karthik I was joking. You take her with you.

Kartik has a big smile on his face. The scene freezes.

Karthik and Naira are riding their bikes. Naira rests her head on her shoulders

Naira: Kartik Do you know anything?

Kartik: You are very happy. Am i ok

Naira: Yes Kartik Im very happy

Kartik holds her hand and kisses it

Naira: Drive to see Kartik Road

Kartik: Naira..How can I look anywhere else when you are near me?

Naira patted his cheek and gestured for him to run. Karthik smiles and rides his bike. The scene freezes.

Anurag’s cabin is shown. Anurag is talking to someone on the phone.

Anurag: I want Mr. Oberoi to do this work tonight. Make sure you finish it without excuses

He cuts the cane and angrily throws the phone on his desk. His phone is ringing again and it is Karthik.

Anurag: What happened to Karthik?

Karthik and Naira: Families have embraced our love

Anurag: Array Naira you are there too

Naira: Cock u. We were in college

Anurag: I have already said that they agree

Kartik: Bhai I am very happy

Anurag: I am very happy for both of you.

Karthik: Bhai I’ll call later. We’re late for class. Bye

Naira: Bye Jiju

Anurag: Okay bye. Take care

Anurag cuts the call and dials Perna

Prerna is in her room seeing Anurag calling. She picked up the call

Anurag: Motivation is good news for me

Motivation: Families acknowledged their love for Kartik and Naira

Anurag: How about…

Motivation: What other good news Anurag gives you so much joy.

Anurag: What if this is good news for some business

Motivation: It doesn’t make you happy like this. Your voice tells you how happy you are and this happiness relates to our family

Anurag: Our family… that’s very comforting

Motivation: Anurag my soul already belongs to you. Then why don’t I call it our family

Anurag: Motivation You are really right, I was tense without reason

[ Flashback rolls on: The previous night Kartik leaves Anurag’s room after telling him the decision to tell the families about him and Naira.

Anurag calls Prerna

Prerna: Anurag you are calling at this time is anything worng?

Anurag: No no Prerna. Kartik and Naira are going to tell the families about their love tomorrow.

Prerna: Thats a good decision.

Anurag: Prerna they wont get disappointed right?

Prerna: Anurag don’t worry. Kartik Naira and their love will be accepted undoubtedly.

Anurag: I wish the same.

Prerna : Anurag sleep..its already late. Everything will be good…Faltu mein tension mat huyiye

Anurag smiles…] Flashback ends

Motivation: There is nothing right and wrong in Anurag’s love. Your tension is related to your brother’s happiness, there is nothing wrong with that. It shows how much you love Kartik

Anurag: It would be wonderful if you knew that you understood me so much in such a short period of time

Motivation: When someone is part of us we don’t take much time to understand them

Anurag: I want these 10 days of motivation to go fast. It is very difficult to refrain from meeting or seeing you. I don’t think you feel like that

Motivation: No..No..It ‘s hard for me..but ..

Anurag: You are not ashamed to express it

Motivation: Han (she blushes)

Anurag: Kash I can see you now. When you blush you look so pretty

The prairna turns red

Anurag: I know your face is as red as an apple now. Can I make a video call now?

Motivation: Anurag I want to follow every celebration with full sincerity..but… if you don’t mind

Anurag: Half Prerna Why do I mind it..I’m really happy to know that you are my nanny and mum. Every man wants a wife like his mother and I am happy to have you in my life. It’s hard but I also follow this ritual for the enjoyment of the most important women of my life

Motivation: Thanks Anurag

Anurag: I love you

Motivation: I love you too ..

The scene freezes.

Its Anuprei’s Haldi today. 1 day to go to their wedding.

Goenka house shown. The Sighanians have reached there to celebrate the function. Anurag is made to sit on a cushion on the porch

Nanny: Go gold and hug Anurag

Swarna goes to apply Haldi, followed by Manish, Keerthi, Akshara, Naitik Naksh and Dadi.

Male Kartik takes Naira behind a tree

Naira: Kartik… what are you doing

Kartik shows his palms with Haldi

Kartik: Haldi lagane ja raha hoo

Naira: ka..rtic .. dur jao

Karthik: Q? Ga hi ka to pap la?

Naira: Kartik .. If anyone sees what they think of us?

Kartik: Naira is scared because she doesn’t know about us but now we have her permission, you can do nothing to stop Haldi from applying

Kartik pulls Naira closer.

Their eyes capture each other.

Kartik slowly moves her hand to her face and applies Haldi on her cheeks.

Naira leans forward and rubs her cheek against Kartik’s cheek and puts Haldi to his cheek.

So called Kartik. Hearing this, Naira pushes Kartik

Naira: Kartik Nanny is calling..Go

Kartik: Okay… Okay I’ll go

Kartik wipes Haldi off his cheeks and runs towards the nurse

Nanny: Kitty where are you?

Karthik: So..w ..

Swarna: Go kartik and hold your bhai

Karthik smiles lamb and goes to apply Haldi to Anurag. He smears Haldi across Anurag’s face

Anurag: I will not leave Karthik

He gets up and chases Karthika

Karthik: Catch me if you can

Everyone laughs at them. Naira gets there after rubbing Haldi on the cheek. Kartik slaps her. Then he hides behind her

Karthik: Naira… Save me Naira

Anurag catches Karthik by moving Naira aside. Kartik stares at her. Naira sucks her shoulder. Anurag laughs and hugs Kartik.

Nanny: If the brother’s feelings and fun are over, we can go to Prena’s house. They are waiting for us

Swarna: Can we take the former Naira and fame with us?

Nanny: Is there any doubt in gold?

Swarna, Nanny, Keerthi, Naira and Karthik reach the house of Vadheera.

They are greeted by Viren and made to sit in the garden where Haldi arranges. Pirivena, wearing a beautiful white salwar, takes her to the place

Karthik: Wow… Bhai should see her now

Kudos: He was falling unconscious

Kartik: True

Swarna: How do you become when you see Naira

Kirti laughs. Naira is ashamed

Heaven embraces her and says: Array Naira it was dragging his leg. You don’t look awkward

Nanny: Go gold and give life to the living. Motivation Ma You start the celebration

Ma: No. Let’s start with the former gold

Swarna: I cannot snatch this claim from Mum

Haldi apply to all the prarna. Karthik clicks pictures to show Anurag.

Anurag’s dream of entering a place wearing a white kurta. He laughs at the blushing impulse.

Slowly he comes closer to her and hugs Haldi to her cheeks. They get lost in each other’s looks}

When Papa comes to apply Haldi to her, the motivator is brought to reality.

Papa gets emotional when applying Hardy to Motivation. Motivating eyes also get wet during this emotional moment.

Seeing them emotionally, Karthik goes to them

Karthik: I know it is difficult for a father to send his daughter home for something else but I assure you that Bhabhi will ensure happiness in her new family and home

Papa is happy and hugs Kartik. The scene freezes.

Kartik goes to Anurag in his room.

Karthik shows his phone to Anurag and says: Bhai I got something for you

Anurag: What is it Karthik?

Kartik: I clicked on Bhabi’s pictures in today’s action.

Anurag: I can’t see it

Karthik: Why?

Anurag: Your Bhabhi wants us to follow all the rituals properly

Kartik: Real You can’t see each other properly, but now you’re out to see her. Otherwise it’s your loss. She looks stunning today.

Karthik opens gallery to show pictures to Anurag

Anurag is completely lost to motivation. Karthik Chuckles

Anurag: Karthik..Why are you laughing now?

Kartik: Now I know why you don’t want to see pictures. It is not for Bhabhi but for its selfishness

Anurag: What?

Kartik: You knew very well that you can’t stop being enchanted and then you can’t wait till tomorrow

Anurag turns red in blush

Karthik: Bhai..I understand … But wait in less than 24 hours..Bhabhi will be with you forever

Anurag: No other work?

Karthik: Acha..Ok I go ..

He gets the phone from Anurag

Anurag stares at him

Karthik: My phone through it.

He turns around and walks away. Anurag’s phone rang.

Karthik: I have messaged you pictures so it will be useful till you reach Shaadi Mandap.

The scene freezes in their happy faces.

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