Make it in the home market like Gulab Jamun, this recipe is perfect for the rainy season

Gulab Jamun Recipe: Eating hot gulab jamun in the rain is a different thing. If you want to enjoy this sweet dish while sitting on the balcony in the rain and enjoying the atmosphere, you can try this tasty recipe. Making Gulab Jamun is also very easy. You don’t need much effort or time to do this. So let’s learn how to make this tasty recipe.

To make gulab jamun made from mawa, first take 2 cups sugar and 3 cups water in a skillet. It doesn’t need to do any strings, but it should be a little sticky. Take 250 grams of mango on a plate and mix well. Now add two teaspoons of all-purpose flour to it and mix well again so that no lumps remain. When the mawa is soft, add a fourth teaspoon of baking powder to it and mix well. Now make small round balls out of it. Heat the ghee in a skillet and put in it. At this time, the flame needs to be moderated. When the gulab jamuns are golden, then take it out of the ghee and put it in the syrup. Keep in mind that the syrup should be a little lukewarm.

If the gulab jamuns fry in ghee or become too soft, then mix some flour in the mawa flour and mix well. Similarly, if the gulab jamun is too hard, mix some milk in the mawa flour and rub it well. And of course, don’t put the gulab jamun in too hot syrup.

You can make this party or restaurant experience by serving your family with a rabbi or ice cream. With this, your children will also be happy and will not be forced to order something sweet from the outside.

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