Make poi sag rich in iron and vitamin A this Monsoon, here are healthy recipes

Green leafy vegetables are a nutritional storehouse. They supply the body with the necessary fiber, calcium, magnesium and iron. Because of this, your bones are not only strong, but their effect is also evident on your skin and hair. So if you are looking for any green leafy vegetables in this country. So we brought you Poi Ka Sag or Malabar Spinach for you. However, its pakodas are eaten with great fervor in Bengal.

Do you know about Poi or Poi?

It is known as the Malabar Spinach in English and is native to the eastern states of India. Most often it is of two types, red leaves and green leaves. Both are rich in iron. That is why it is recommended to include it in the diet. The best part is you can grow it in a pot at home. And enjoy the fresh greens.

Here are the nutrients in poi

Malabar spinach or poi sag is one of the best sources of vitamin A. Approximately 8,000 units of vitamin A are found in 100g of leaves. In addition, it also has a good presence of vitamin C, iron and calcium.

You can also call it a dose of nourishing energy. Because it contains protein and magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, it is considered an essential nutrient for growing children.


Even if you start to see signs of aging on your face, you should definitely include poi in your diet. Antioxidants, especially beta carotene and lutein, slow down the aging process.

So let’s get to the recipe of poi ke sag

You need it for this

  1. Poi Greens – 1/2 kg
  2. Green chilli – 5 to 7
  3. Garlic – 8-10 buds
  4. Onion – finely chopped
  5. Tomato – a finely chopped tomato
  6. Salt, chilli – to taste
  7. Turmeric and Coriander powder – 1/2 tbsp
  8. Whole red chili – two to three for decoration
  9. Garam masala – half a spoon
  10. Ghee or oil – a little

Prepare poi’s healthy greens now

  1. First, separate the leaves with a stick and rinse well. However, when you apply it at home, you are more fresh and clean.
  2. After that, put some water in the cooker and let it boil. There should be enough water for the leaves to boil properly.
  3. After boiling, leave the greens to cool and then grind it into the mix. If you want, you can also grind garlic and green chillies with it. With this, the taste of both blends well with the leaves.
Skin care

Now is the time to shed

  1. For this, put ghee or oil in a skillet and add whole chilli. Then add the garlic cloves, finely chopped onions and tomatoes and roast it.
  2. When it melts, add the remaining dry spices and roast well.
  3. After a while the spice oil starts to drop. Now all you have to do is put greens in it.
  4. Cook for two to three minutes in low heat and finally add garam masala and let it cook for a while.
  5. Take your nutritious poi ka saag ready. You can serve it with any bread or rice by adding butter.

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