Maza Hoshil Na 18 October 2020 Written Update: Sai Heartbroken After Aditya Insults Her?

In the next episode Maja hoshil na, We see the praise of Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama Sai To handle Appa well. He tells her that he sometimes has no answer to Dad’s weird questions, but he likes how she handles it. Sai says she has found her father as a small child and that she can handle him well because she loves children. Bandu Mama says she can handle Daddy, even doing other things in this house. Sappa made it clear that Appa only acted as his niece and had no intention of being his niece.

Sai waits for Aditya in Ga deep sleep. He starts talking in his sleep and calls his mother. Sai says his mother is all around him, and asks why he can’t see her. Aditya keeps asking a lot of questions and Sai answers them diligently. Aditya asks Sai if she will always be with him, Sai replies she is always with him. After some time, Aditya wakes up and is surprised to find Sai by his side. He starts to shout and calls his uncle, who rushes into his room.

Aditya wakes up and asks her uncle to leave Sai. When Bandu Mama and Bhai Mama are asked to calm down, they begin to argue. Aditya asks Sai to take him outside. Sai argues that she will not leave until he is good. Bandhu asks Mama to calm her down and takes her outside. He tells her to go home, but she waits outside and tells him that she will not leave until Aditya is good.

The next morning, Bandhu Mama and Bhai Mama find Sai still waiting outside Aditya’s house. He waits from last night and he rushes to tell Aditya that he must apologize to Sai. Aditya wakes up and tells her uncle that she is fine. He sets out to meet Sai, who speaks well with him. Aditya insults her and asks her to leave her house. Sai hurts and tells her that she promised him that she will always be by his side, which is why she is waiting for him. She starts to cry and when she leaves she tells Aditya that she is not always there for him.