Maza Hoshil Na 3 November 2020 Written Update Episode: Will Aditya Find Out The Truth About His Family?

Maza Hoshil Na 3 November 2020 Written Update Episode: Will Aditya Find Out The Truth About His Family?

In the Previous issue, Maza Hoshil Na We have seen Aditya help Suyash to win Saya’s heart. Aditya, on the other hand, is trying to make things better between him and his superiors. In this whole situation, Dada, Mama, and all the other Kashyap brothers reach the office to confront Malhotra.

Aditya is trying his best to help Suyash. In the previous episode, Sai instructed Suyash not to make any mistake when it comes to the subject. Although Aditya is angry at Suyash for his desire to marry Sai.

On the other hand, Aditya sees the behavior of his family members as odd. Before heading to the office, he notices that Bandhu Mama has received a message from his informant. Upon receiving the message, Bandhu Mama immediately left the kitchen. As he packs his lunch towel, Bandhu Mama and Dada Mama once act oddly. This behavior increases his confusion.

In the next installment, once Aditya goes into office, all the brothers finally move into the office. Soon they reach the office and tell the watchman to enter Malhotra only to the premise and do not let any other guard enter without further notice. While the meeting was still going on, Aditya reached the office.

They note that no employees and staff are allowed to enter the office. Aditya finds it odd. He calls Sai and tells him about the matter. Sai advises to meet with trustees within the office. Sai says Aditya has the opportunity to complain about Malhotra’s bad behavior. Aditya agrees with Sai’s opinion. Kashyap brothers tell Malhotra that they are going for quality checks. This puts Malhotra in a difficult situation. As all the brothers exit the office, Aditya enters the office premises and meets the trustees.

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