Monsoon Makeup Tips: Makeup doesn’t spoil in the rain, try these Monsoon Beauty Hacks

Monsoon Beauty Hacks: After the sunny and hot summer, everyone loves the rainy season. But when the skin is sticky due to moisture and the facial makeup begins to look like patches, the fun of this season’s tan is gross. To fix it, touchups are needed again and again. If something happens to you during the rainy season, then leave the tension and try these amazing beauty variations.

Water based moisturizer
Always use a water based moisturizer instead of an oil based moisturizer in the rainy season. The use of oil based moisturizers can make the face more oily during the season.

Powder based make-up
Apply foundation and concealer on face during rainy season. To put makeup on your face for a long time, use foundation powder or compaq.

Matte Lipstick-
During the rainy season, due to the humidity and sweat, the lipstick on the face quickly spreads and gets damaged. In such a situation, you can get rid of this problem by using matte lipstick.

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