MTV Roadies Revolution 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update

MTV Roadies 2 January 2021 Episode, Lockdown After the MTV Roadies Revolution Show is constantly lighting up and MTV Roadies Makers are engaging with the crowd before, in MTV Roadies history, this season is the most watched ason in the history, which is totally the show’s face, With all the contestants of Dhupia, Varun Sood, Raftar, Varun Sood, and the main makers of the show, the youth popular show is going viral from day to day, we are going to update you on the article about Vote About, and Semi Finish contestants and the winner of the event.

Mtv Roadies Revolution Episode 34 Full Voteouts & Ticket to Finale Task Winner

In The Last Episode, we saw the Immunity Task and Gang Leaders allying together, Neha Dhoopia pitched Prince Narula for an alliance and he agreed with Neha Dhupia offer and on the other hand Varun Sood and Nikhil Alliance would like to perform with Nikhil Prince Nuriha He told him to perform with the team, so it was Prince Narula’s team and Neha Dhupia’s team vs Varun and Nikhil’s team. The task was divided into 3 stages because ordinary competitors had to use their physical ability to win the task with Brain.

During the action, Prince Narula hit Aman because he tried to solve the Prince Narula question in action Prince Narula tried to explain the name of the Bollywood movie with a different-sign and Prince Show round sighs and sighs, the film name was Golmaal, everyone understands it but Aman did not understand and ruined the whole act Prince and Neha have decided to do the Takka and the show face to face but they have to finish the task. On the other hand, Nikhil and Varun teammates make the whole task much smoother, most of the time Jayant and Hamid declare that they are the best achievers. Penalties and Nikhil and Varun Team 4 Penalties, Prince’s Final Time and Neha Team 14 min 9 sec and Varun and Nikhil Team Final 9 min 51 sec Nu seems to win, but he gets immunity from 3 of the 2 gang members.

After Ranavivijay starts voting in session, after launch, she proposed voting after action, winning team Nikhil Gang and Varun are safe for voting. Losing one can eliminate one contestant, so Prince Narula said, it would be unfair if you eliminate qualified contestants who cooperated in the task, so Prince and Neha Dhupia decided to vote for Aman.

In today’s issue, Ranavijay asks for Varun and Nikhil’s 3 immunity. So Varun and Nikhil decided to give Michael and Jayant 2 exemption, they can’t decide. Vipin and Hamid are almost the 3rd concession. They solve the problem, they give Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula the power and they deserve immunity and they decide to save Hamid and Michael, Hamid and Jayant are safe from elimination and these 3 contestants also perform on the ticket to end the task.

According to Ticket to Final Task, gang leaders have to deal with competitors, Nikhil’s preference is clear, and like Varun, Hamid is very upset with Nikhil and Varun, dealing with Prince Narula Hamid, and he manages to convince them and MTV’s Roadies contestants whose gang leaders have persuaded below .

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