Big Boss Tamil 4: Is Aari the winner of BB Tamil Season 4?

Big Boss Tamil 4: Aari to win the title of champion on the Big Boss show is increasing day by day.

The Big Boss show, which has been airing on Vijay TV for the past three years, has started late this year due to the corona threat. Kamal Haasan, who has been hosting the show for the last three years, is hosting this time as well.

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Ramya Pandian, Ajeedh, Aari, Anita Sampath, Vel Murugan, Suresh Chakraborty, Som, Shivani, Sanam Shetty, Bala, Gabriela, Jithan Ramesh, Aranthangi Nisha, Rekha, Rio, Samyukta were the first 16 to enter the Bigg Boss house. Famous presenter Archana and famous singer and radio jockey Suchitra entered as new contestants via wild card.

The Big Boss competition is coming to an end in two more weeks. There are seven contestants namely Aari, Bala, Ramya Pandian, Som, Shivani, Gabriela, Rio.

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Actor Aari is expected to win the Bigg Boss title easily this time as he has the support of the people. Accordingly, Kamal Haasan took a pro-Aari stance at last weekend’s show.

Last Saturday, Kamal discussed the behavior of all the contestants, including Bala, against Aari. Kamal then spoke in support of Aari, much to the surprise of the contestants. Kamal asked what do you think about the fact that everyone spoke in support of Aari when the family came into the house on the Freeze Task and did you understand the implication of this.

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Some of the contestants replied that people don’t see the Aari we see every day. Thus it was easy to see that they were unaware of the popular support for Aari. Actress Ramya Pandian was popular when the Big Boss show started. Many of the contestants considered Ramya to be their challenger. But as the days went by Aari was able to win people’s minds. Kamal praised his honest deeds many times. Conflicts with Bala and his individual struggle with rivals and his non-affiliation with any group gave people confidence in him.

Thus the support of the people outside him was high even though he continued to face the opposition of the rivals inside the Big Boss house. The complaint was not taken seriously outside the Big Boss house, despite Aari’s weakness being said to be placing too many accusations against rivals.

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This is why the families of the contestants, who entered the Big Boss house last week, expressed their respect for Aari. This came as a shock to competitors who had not known people’s thoughts about Aari until then. Shivani’s mother asked her daughter why she beat Aari every week and what she did wrong. This is why Kamal also spoke in support of Aari over the weekend and informed the contestants of the field situation.

The Big Boss 4 season ends on January 17 in two weeks. This week, the competition to qualify directly for the final week takes place. In the current environment it looks like Aari will qualify very easily for next week. With the support of the people increasing day by day, everyone is expecting only Aari to win the Big Boss title today. Although Ramya Pandian and Bala challenge Aari, the question arises as to whether they will be able to perform the miracle to the point of overcoming the finale.

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But, will the outcome of a match end so easily?

Actress Ritwika won the 2nd season of Bigg Boss show as everyone expected. Winning the first season and winning the 3rd season were unexpected results.

Whoever wants to win the Big Boss title other than Aari will have to face the biggest challenge in the days to come for it. Something special has to be done to get the support of the people. Who is going to perform this miracle in the remaining 10 days? Who has the power to surpass Aari and win the Big Boss title? Will the end of Big Boss 4 surprise or fulfill the expectations of the people?

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