MTV Roadies Revolution: Latest update episode 33, 26th December 2020 Written Update

In the last episode of the MTV Roadies Revolution, we see Nisha and Apurva getting voted out of the other contestants. Gang Leader Prince Narula Akash has a star to save him from being eliminated. Episode 33 will be more interesting because each new episode comes with a few twists.

MTV Roadies Revolution Episode 33: Written update

In Episode 33, after intense voting, contestants wake up to the new morning. But Akash is still trying to figure out who has driven him out of his friend zone. Then the contestants get ready and arrive at the work place. To each of the hosts, Ranvijay announces the next turnout.

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Four gang leaders have an alliance between the two teams, he says. The winning team gets three exemptions and ends his / her journey from a losing road. Gang Neha and Gang Prince form one team and Gang Nikhil and Gang Varun form another team.

Terms of task:
The name of the function is the Dum Laga Ke Charades. It’s the same dumb-charades but it needs energy.

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  • In the first step you have to balance the two metal balls in the balance when climbing the ramp.
  • After reaching the top you should slide the metal balls into the tray. There are five boxes on the field. When the ball rolls and falls off the tray it should break the following boxes.
  • Three of the five boxes contain movie names or movie clues.
  • One rowdy shows the posture or any pose of the movies, while another rowdy clicks pictures of the rowdy pose through a small window in the wall where the other rowdy cannot see.
  • After identifying the films, Roddy must break the movie-related images on the wall in front of him.
  • Roddy is tied up in harness to break the height of the pictures and the other two competitors on the team pull the rope to lift him up.
  • If Roddy is right he will be able to break the pictures but if he is wrong the pictures will not break.
  • Roddy is able to see another sign through tears after the pictures on the wall are broken.
  • Symbols are actually Morse code. When Roddy breaks three pictures, he really looks at the Morse code of numbers.
  • Considering the numbers they should unlock the box containing the mobile phone.
    When he is finished he should take a selfie and the action ends there.

Neha and the Prince team go first. Team Prince and Neha were fighting fiercely. Aman did not perform well in movies. Gang leader Prince Aman has been over-confident. The remaining members of the team have not yet given up the Morse code and unlock the Neha box and click a selfie.

When Nikhil and Varun are gearing up for the team work, the show will perform spectacularly. Shreya starred in Varun’s films. The two had excellent coordination. Neha and Nikhil get into a heated conversation during the performance, Neha admits that Michael whispered the name of the movie to Hamid. Then Nikhil cracked the lock and unlocked the phone and clicked the selfie.

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Now is the time for results! Neha and Prince get 7 penalties and Team Nikhil and Varun get 3 penalties. And Boom Nikhil and Varun perform this task and earn 3 exceptions for themselves. Prince and Neha get a chance to decide for themselves which roadie will end his / her journey here. The gang leaders decided to abolish Aman. And Aman’s Roadies journey ends here.

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