MTV Roadies Revolution: Prince Narula’s team out of semi-finale race. Guess who made it to the finale

MTV Roadies is undoubtedly one of the most popular young reality shows now. After Season, it will surprise fans with its drama, action and suspense with a great deal of entertainment. The Roadies Revolution was no different. Led by Ranvijay Singha, the show has now crossed the semifinals and is nearing the end of the season. The four gangleaders – Prince Narula, Varun Sood, Neha Dhupia and Nikhil Chinapa – fought hard against each other. However, not everyone can reach the Grand Finale and win a trophy! Want to know who won the ticket to the finals? Read on to find it!

This week, with the exception of Ranvijay Hamid, only two roadies announced that they would reach the finish line. Rhodes had to choose one partner to compete in the task. The two contestants, who collected five stars as fast as possible, played with Hamid in the final. To overcome all this, the re-entry of Aman and Arushi gave a shocking twist as Jayant, Akash, Michael, Vipin, Abhimanyu and Poonam were fighting hard. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari and Bala share their thoughts

It has been announced that he will compete with Aman and Arushi but will not make it to the final. Arushi-Poonam, Vipin-Michael, Abhimanyu-Jayant and Aman-Akash are the other contenders. After the action, Jayant and Michael reached the last leg.

Interestingly, this result made Nikhil Chinapa enter the finale for the first time with new gang leader Varun Sood while the ace leaders Prince Narula and Neha were left out. The Bigg Boss winner blamed himself for the loss and for not being in the game for a long time while Neha said, “What’s a finale without Prince and me in the finals?”

Right now, Jayant, Hamid and Michael are fighting for the trophy this season. Look for the long-awaited grand-final episode of Rhodes Revolution next week!

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