Naagin 5 16 January 2021 Written updates: Bani aka Surbhi Chandna kills Pawan

Naagin 5, 16 January 2021, written updates of full episode:

Tonight’s episode of Nagin 5 begins with Bani Meera and Tapish comforting her, not to blame her for being given new life to kill heroic kites, Cheal. Bani says this is her fault and she will be punished for her wrongdoing. When Mira asks who is trying to harm him, Bani grows silent. She says she has to find her own way. Thapesh suggests staying away from Bani Veer if he sees the situation. They promise they will get out of this peril soon. The next day, Veer returns from his morning walk and he calls his cousins. They go to their farmhouse in Karjat, where they declare that they are partying. Veer starts coughing and Bani rushes to help him. Veer pushes her away and hits her. Bani gets hurt when she asks him to leave. Farsihta looks behind her as she reaches the kitchen. Farishta reminds her of her purpose in her life. Bani tries to explain to him that Veer is not wrong but Farishta rages at her.

Jai sends a parcel for Veer but Bani avoids it. Bani blocks the parcel from opening and he questions her about her interfering behavior. Bani Meera and Tapish are requested to stop the Veer Parcel but the latter does not listen. A cloud of smoke erupts from the parcel and worries Bani Veer. The latter rejects the pain of suffering. He calls her a stalker and says he doesn’t like her. He adds that she is irritating her. Veer finds a blanket, the parcel is from an anonymous person who congratulated Singhania for a new bar. Veer apologizes to Bani but calls her Naukrani, hurting her even more. Balwant refuses to leave Bani and she warns him that he knows everything about his illegal and gaudy world. Balwant reveals his plan to kill her and tells him that it was a change of heart. He says he wants his son to be safe and that only Bani can keep him safe. He begs her not to let Veer alone. Bani assures him that she will never leave Veer.

Later, Bani finds Rudraksha Mala outside the house. She understands that it is a panditoid but she is not aware of the fact that the punditoin is no longer there. She calls but Safera answers her phone. He understands that Panditaiin is in danger. Veer and his cousins, Pongi and Dakshina, go to a party where Jai is already waiting. Bani arrives home to find it abandoned. She switches on the light to see the path of blood and begins to worry about Veeranshu. Bani follows this path only to slap Farishta aka Arjit Taneja. She takes the form of a snake and searches for the spot where Veer is. She found Pawan. Farishta joins Bani. She strives to understand Farishta but the latter reminds her not to stop punishing those who do wrong. Pawan is brutally injured but tortures Bani. When Pawan poses for the challenge, Farishta hurts him. Pawan has warned Bani that Balwant will kill her in the end. Hearing the confession of the wind, Bani takes his form of a serpent and kills him.

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