Naagin 5 17 January 2021 Written update Bani Saves Veer From Farishta, Jay Kills Aghoori Baba

Naagin 5, 17 January 2021, Written update of full episode: Tonight’s episode of Nagin 5 begins in a flashback manner. Cut off 8 hours ago, Bani asks Monica to step aside from Veer on the dance floor. Veer wonders why she dances with him and makes contact with Bani. Jai changes his plans and tells Darsh and Pongi to put on a potion on Veer’s drink and he brings Monica in front of her. Later, Veer pushes Bani aside. Drinking Veer gives him a southern drink and Monica joins him. Veer starts to dance with Monica when Bani leaves. She stares at Jai. He urges her that Veer has returned to her former ways. Jai challenges Bani to see who Veer is. He tells her that he will take her because he cannot take more insults on her behalf. Monica takes Veer to her bedroom. Jai manipulates Bani and they find Veer.

Veer aka Sharad Malhotra gets drunk enough and falls unconscious on the bed. Bani Veer’s room. Later, Dakshina calls Jai and the latter is proud of his plan. Jai aka Mohit Sehgal is shocked to see Bani in Wani’s arms. Veer looks pretty happy at first but then pushes her away. He tells her he doesn’t like her and asks her to leave. Bani reveals that she saw him (Veer) push Monica away from her. When Monica tries to force herself on him, Bani enters and throws her out. In the flashback, we see Bani and Veer approaching. Back to the present, Bani confronts Veer, who is shocked and confused by Bani’s words. He calls her a stalker. Bani tries to make him understand that she is his wife but Veer slaps her. Bani starts to cry and Veer asks her to stop crying. Bani tries to remember that he loves her. Veer asks her not to touch him and leave him. Then he pushes her and Bani hurts.

As Bani tries to leave, Veer is nursing her wound. Jai reaches the party and asks about Dakshina and Pongi’s plan. Jai is angry at both of them and his failed plan. Farishta reaches the party and Jai makes her presence felt. He takes his form of a serpent and hides behind a couch. Dakshina and Pongi try to run but Farishta stops them. Elsewhere, Veer helps Bani to nurse the wound. Farishta spreads her charm on this side and everyone forgets what she does. Farishta asks where the South is and Pongi Veer. He points to the room. Jai decides to follow Farishtha. The room begins to tremble. Veer defends Bani. Jai reaches the room but there is no one there. The power of the Pharisees goes out as they leave the Peer with Veer and Bani.

Farishta tells Bani that she will take revenge from Veer which she cannot take. He calls her the keeper of the kites. He tells her that she is killing her clan. When Bani tries to resist the Pharaoh, her powers fail. Farishta aka Arjit Taneja says she is weak and she will miss him. Farishta uses his powers to bind Bani to the ground. Bani tries to tell Farishta that this age is different from the previous era. Farishta hit Veer again. Bani asks Shiva for help and he obliges. When Bani tries to stop the Pharisht, the latter grabs her neck with the intention of killing her. Bani somehow surpasses the pharaoh. Bani tells the unconscious Veer that she will save him. Farishta struck Bani again. Farishta goes ahead to kill Varie but Bani hits him with an iron rod. She later apologizes to him. Bani begged Farishtha to let Veeramsu leave her and kill her. Farishta is shocked at the plight of Bani. Veer regains consciousness. Veer seems to have remembered Bani for a second but soon forgot about her. Veer sets out to find South and Ponkey. Bani is back in pain. She calls Jai and walks away. Farishta understands that whatever Bani says, it is true. They feel bitter about losing. Safera reaches Singhania House. He wants to meet Bani. Jai drops Bani in Singhania Bhavan. They talk about weir behavior. Jai lets Bani leave her wherever she wants. Later, Jai receives a call from Ponkey, who informs her that she is hiding in Safera’s mansion. Jai nods about the call and takes her through the back gate. When Bani enters the mansion, Veer complains about her to Balwant.

Veer asks Balwant to throw Bani out. Balwant tries to calm him down. Bani is upset at seeing Veer’s plight. Balwant asks him to rest. Shukla and Dakshina worry about Pavan’s whereabouts. I remember Bani killing him. She then worries about Veer’s condition. Farishta reaches Singhania Bhavan. Bani again apologizes to him. Bani tries to heal the pharaoh’s wounds, however, and her powers fail again. While dying, Bani praises Veer’s love for her. He apologizes to her and requests that Bani take back his curse. Farishta made a shocking revelation to Bani that he could not withdraw his curse. Bani wants to help him but he refuses because he wants to reach Fairyland to heal his wounds. Bani requests Farishta to cure Veer but he reveals that there is someone who has ruined the stars. On that shocking note, the serial ends.

Prekap: Farishta blesses Barish and Veer’s love. Bani gets out of shock and kills Jai Safera. But, she does not know the real face of Jaina.

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