Naagin 5 Today’s Episode Bani Saves Everyone | Naagin 5 19th October 2020 Written Update

The most fascinating and thrilling small screen television series is back with another entertaining and thrilling episode. Bani is going for other effects, and it seems that our most beloved Nagin has no rest. Well, we see that in the latest installment of the show, with Bani scrambling as he faces the difficulties that have emerged recently. Get all the latest written episodes of Nagin Season 5 or catch the show in colors and vote for time to entertain.

Shukla destroys with his new evil plans, Mayuri is helping him. Meanwhile, Shukla, Mayuri, Sahukra and Jai are waiting for Veer to die. He plans that Weir will die in two days. Bani asks what’s stopping her from attacking him, he replies that he cares about her and turns every attack on her. Akesh took Bani to the sky when Mayuri and Shukla told him. Shukla and Bani go out to kill Bani but Akesh again blocks them. They both arrive home and Bani tells Akesh that he doesn’t have to show up to take care of her.

After Mayuri calls Akesha and asks him to come to her, Bani opens his cupboard, after which the sacred Gandhak stone rises and comes into effect. It comes into effect suddenly and attacks Chacha and then Shukla. Shukla then flies in the air and then he asks Balwant to help him. Balwant is in a dilemma of not being able to find out what is going on.

Gandhak gets out of control and starts attacking everyone including Shukla, Chacha, and Monil. Balwant tells Akeshani everything and asks his help to stop all the destruction that is happening with the Gandhak stone. Bani learns about everything, first she thinks it’s hypocrisy. But then she comes and saves everyone from her superpowers. Balwant says that he will kill Bani, Bani replies that the stone is going up in the sky and suddenly disappears. Bani and Shakura go behind the stone.

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