Naagin 5 Written Episode 16th January 2021: Bani aka Surbhi Chandna kills Pawan, Balwant’s younger brother

Naagin 5 Written Episode 16th January 2021: Bani stumbles upon a mysterious erious man named Arijit (Farishta). He reminds her of some of Satyug’s memories that will save Vani’s life. Bani asks him, where are you? He tells her that he is here to remind her what on earth she will do. He rebukes her for not wanting her revenge on every chill and loving Veer. Bani says he will not leave everyone who has done everything for me and my family in Satyug. She’s going to fight for her family’s justice. Arijit says Veer is guilty, so she must kill him too. But she takes a stand for Veer and asks him not to harm Veer.

Veer laughs again at Arijit, who irritates Bani. Arijit has some special powers to make someone lose their memory. He reminds Bani of the purpose of reincarnation in Satyug. Bani wanted to talk to Panditaiin about Arijit but Jay had already kidnapped her. But Bani managed to relieve her confusion. Farishta, meanwhile, cursed Vani to forget Bani.

Bani aka Surbhi Chandna kills Pawan

Arijit challenges Bani to take his revenge from the Cheals and kill them one by one. Bani worries that Veer’s memory is missing. Bani knew that Jay had summoned Arijit on Earth and swung against Bani. Bani requests Arijit to restore Veer’s memory and she does everything according to his plan. Arijit agrees to give every chiller a last chance to kill, including Veer.

Bani remembers the moments he spent with Veer and was emotional. As she is instructed to kill Chill, she is planning a raid with Arijit targeting Pav. Arijit plans a vacation with Cheals. Veer treats Bani as a maid and refuses to take her out with him. Bani stays at home and plans to kill Pava. When everyone is out, Pawan comes to pick up some items, Bani enters his room and reminds him of his bad deeds. Pawan is afraid of the look of Bhavna Nagin.

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