Nalini writes letter to PM, CM for implementing smoking cessation law

Bangalore: The smoking cessation law was passed on October 2, 2008 and is celebrating its 12th anniversary tomorrow. Nalini Satyanarayana has written to the prime minister and chief ministers alleging that the law is not adequately implemented except for the law.

Nalini Satyanarayana, the Prime Minister of India, and Dr Narendra Modi, Health Minister of the Government of India Harshavardhan and the Hon’ble Chief Minister have written to Mr. BS Yeddyurappa. In the letter, he urged the country to adequately implement the smoking-free law in the country and to safeguard the health of indirect smokers.

In her letter dated 27 September 2020, Nalini revealed her suffering from cancer. Ten years ago, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and doctors thought his cancer might be due to indirect smoking.

He also expressed concern that some sections of the Kotpa Act were inadequate and inadequate, with the cigarette ban, praising the National Tobacco Control Program and the measures taken to curb tobacco use, including compulsory printing of film.

Nalini, in the letter, said that she had not received a cent. 17 per cent of people are indirectly smoking in hotels, bars & restaurants, pubs and clubs. The Kotpa 2003 Act allows for the construction of a separate smoking area in restaurants and hotels, with a seating area of ​​more than 30. The establishment of such smoking zones requires strict law. However, due to ignorance of the Act or otherwise, a smoking zone is being established in violation of the law.

With such flawed smoking zones, thousands of non-smoking children, women & the elderly are exposed to indirect smoking. Employees who work there are more likely to have cancer, lung, and heart disease. “From a public health standpoint, I have requested the Chief Ministers to ensure that the mandate and circulars already issued in the state are adequately implemented,” Nalini said.

Indirect smoking causes death, disability and disease among non-smokers. For those with lung or cardiovascular disease, indirect smoking is more damaging and increases the risk of Covid-1 infection. Nalini, who has lost her voice due to indirect smoking, has written to the Prime Minister and Union Health Ministers to revise the smoking zone law and make all public places completely smoke free. Dr. Krishnan, a prominent cardiologist and a member of the Cardiologist’s Association, said that if this step was taken, it would have a positive effect on public health. By Vijayalakshmi Balekundri.


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