Navratri Colours List 9 Colors Dress To Wear This Navaratri on Different Days

First day of Navratri. And Hindu devotees are busy celebrating the festival with full pomp. Everybody swatched their houses and started worshiping Durga Ma. We just want to tell you that this is not just a way to celebrate this festival. There are many ways to celebrate this festival by celebrating daily fasting or dressing in different colors every day.

As we told you this festival started on the 17th and ends on 25th October 2020. It is small to ask what color dress should be worn on any given day, but we want to tell you that it is not a small thing for Durga Maa devotees, they consider this matter important. Many people believe that doing this will make their fortune better and their day better, and we want to tell you that if you believe in all of these things, you should read the article because it will help you understand the whole concept.

It is good to wear orange clothes today, 17 October 2020. As we all know, orange is a form of happiness and good energy, so wear it First day orange clothes This festival will make your day better. And we would like to inform our readers that this day Shailputri Devi is worshiped.

Day-2 White dress: On the second day of the festival, ie 18 October 2020, it is advisable to wear white clothes. White is a symbol of peace and purity. And on the 2nd day of the festival, the nun is worshiped as a goddess.

Day-3 Red color: It is good to wear a red dress on the 3rd day of Navratri because it shows the power of beauty. Chandraghanta Maa is worshiped on this day.

Day-4 Dark blue: The most suitable color for the 4th day is Ga dark blue. It shows that it signifies health and wealth. On this day Kushmanda Ma is worshiped.

Day-5 Yellow: The most suitable color for the 5th day is yellow. It signifies happiness and shine. On this day Skandamta Ma is worshiped.

Day-6 Green: Green is the most appropriate color for the 6th day. It shows that it signifies strength and ability. On this day, Katyayani Ma is worshiped.

Day-7 Dark blue: Gray is the most appropriate color for the 7th day. It implies depth. On this day Kalaratri Ma is worshiped. 8th day in purple dress. The last day of the festival, also known as Navami. Royal Green is good to wear. We hope you liked the information we provided on this blog.