No tea lover should believe these 5 myths related to tea

Life of tea Indians! Many people cannot live without a cup of hot tea in the morning. Just one cup of tea in the morning and evening can help alleviate your tiredness, to relieve the fatigue of the whole day. There is no doubt that tea is good for health, but there are many myths associated with it.

It is important to break these myths because this misinformation can damage our health. So let’s know some myths related to tea!

* M: Green tea helps you lose weight

Green tea is popular among diet-conscious people. Unfortunately, this is just a myth. Although. Green tea contains a stimulant that boosts your metabolism, but in very small quantities. If you think drinking 4-5 cups of green tea a day will reduce your weight, you’re wrong.

2. MYTH: Herbal tea does not contain caffeine

First, herbal teas are not considered real teas because they cannot be processed by the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal tea is made from flowers, herbs, seeds, roots or bark of plants in hot water.

As for the caffeine content, not all herbal teas are caffeine free. Guarana tea and yerba mate tea contain caffeine. Therefore it is always recommended to read the label before buying herbal tea.

Tea for weight loss

3. MYTH: Green tea is healthier than black tea

Green tea is actually more popular than black tea, however, there is no other difference. Both have powerful and beneficial antioxidants. Tea leaves turn green or black after the process of oxidation or fermentation. In the process, antioxidants, such as catechins in green tea, turn into theflavins found in black tea.

4. MYTH: Adding milk to tea destroys its nutrients

It is nothing but illusion. Adding milk to any kind of tea does not take away its health benefits. Milk contains calcium, which is good for your bones. According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the number of catechins absorbed by tea is the same whether you add milk or not.

5. MYTH: Tea bags are just as good as loose tea

Making tea using tea bags is naturally easy, but remember that tea leaves are always better than tea bags. Leaves in tea bags are particles of peeled tea leaves. Tea leaves of tea bags contain no essential oils and aromas. So it is best if you use tea leaves.

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