OP Full Form In Chat, What Is The Full Form Of OP In Chat? What does OP mean in chats?

OP Full Form In Chat – In addition to the “original poster”, this acronym has some meaning. Especially in gaming, “OP” means “powerful”. This means that a particular character, character class or ability is substantially more powerful than it should be. It also means that something is strong enough to have an unfair advantage. Another use in games is “operations”. It is commonly used in military games.

Other Meanings of OP

  • Overpriced
  • Original Post
  • Operator
  • Old Person
  • Other People
  • Opportunity
  • Optical
  • Output
  • Oak Park
  • Oral Presentation
  • Operating Procedure(s)
  • Overpowered (gaming)
  • Opinion
  • Ocean Pacific
  • Opera
  • Out of Print
  • Output
  • Office of the President

What does OP mean in texting?

  • “Original Poster” or “Overpowered” may be construed in accordance with the OP Online context.
  • While the Internet colloquial term ‘OP’ can stand to be more powerful in one game, it usually means something else. The person who started the original poster discussion thread, and as the reactions grew, the OP was used to refer back to that person

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