Panty liners are not for everyone, experts say some important facts about panty and panty liners

This is the most private part of you, as sensitive as your lips. But more than that is ignored. Either you are completely indifferent to it or you start to rely on advice from your friends and sisters. Social media has been highly encouraged to follow this trend. Some things that are on trend may not be suitable for everyone. One such trend is the panty liner. Tell us in detail about it.

What is a panty liner

Panty liners are a thinner version of a sanitary pad. It is commonly used to dry panty. Some girls use it in low flow. When the vaginal discharge is high, the doctor recommends its use to dry the private area.

When to wear a panty liner

Using panty liners without doctor’s advice can lead to fatal infections. Not every woman needs to wear a panty liner. Doctors may recommend wearing panty liners under certain conditions, but the use of panty liners without medical advice can cause fatal infections.

If someone has vaginal discharge, then see a doctor and ask about the use of panty liners. If it is a normal discharge, but it is high, then panty liners can be used. So the vaginal area is dry. If there is no dryness, that is, if there is moisture, there may be a wet and itchy face.


You can also get an infection due to the moisture. If the doctor checks that the discharge is more of an infection, then do not be careless and seek proper treatment.
-Spotting Some women may experience mid-cycle bleeding or spotting. That is, if there is light bleeding during ovulation, they may use panty liners instead of pads for a few days.

Some girls mark the beginning of puberty and some women mark menstruation before or two or three days before menstruation. So she can wear panty liners instead of pads.

Excessive sweating is possible with cycling support or working out at the gym. This increases the risk of fungal infections. So you can wear a panty liner at that time. But it’s important that you change the panty as soon as the workout is over.

Some important things you need to know about your underwear

By thinking about who will see the effect of your most intimate dress,
Even if it is not detected, underwear plays an important role in your feeling.

In a US nationwide survey, 25 percent of women revealed that their mood was affected by “unattractive” or poor underwear. They found that nearly half of women (47 percent) felt sexy or more confident wearing a particular pair of underwear.

Also note

1 fabric

Board-Certified Ob-Gyn Dr. Alice Kelly Jones says, “The vagina is a very sensitive and sensitive area like the lips on your face. It should be looked after. The vaginal discharge is healthy, the mouth needs moisture, the moisture is similar to the moisture of the soil.


2 cotton is better

Cotton is a simple, soft fabric for the skin of this site. It is breathable and absorbent. Cotton underwear helps prevent yeast infection by absorbing moisture. Synthetic materials, such as nylon and spandex, trap air. Because of this they block heat and moisture, making it an ideal breeding ground for yeast infections.

3 Changing the panty when and how often

A normal healthy woman can wear the same panty throughout the day. But obese, or overly sweaty women, such as sunburn, heat or excessive vaginal discharge, may need to change the panty more than once a day. It depends on the moisture present in their private parts.

4 What to wear at night

The best advice is to not wear underwear at night. That air can comfortably get your private parts. This makes it easier for them to breathe.

5 Clean underwear may also contain bacteria

Reading this may shock you, but it’s true. Your clean underwear may also contain bacteria. According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, even clean underwear can contain up to 10,000 living bacteria. Not only that, but sometimes even small amounts of feces are found in them.

Sanitary pads

That is why it is important not to wear other people’s underwear even after forgetting. Do not wash your underwear with the clothes of others.

Here are ways to maintain vaginal hygiene

  1. Dry the vaginal area.
  2. Use cotton panty, replace them immediately if they are wet.
  3. Wash the outer part of the vagina with soap and water while bathing daily. Inside
  4. No cleaning required. The vagina cleans itself.
  5. After urination, rinse the area with water and then with tissue paper or cotton napkin.
  6. Wrap the jigsaw from front to back. This will drain the area for a long time.
  7. Do not use a vaginal wash or creams without consulting your doctor.

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